The Chocolates slot is the latest, delectably good release from Big Time Gaming, the guru of innovative slots and all things chocolate!  Nestled within the lush meadows and forests of the Alpine countryside, is a whimsical, wooden cuckoo clock, filled to the brim with colourful bonbons. Twist and turn the timber gears in search of the elusive Golden Ticket and join us for the sweetest slot review on the reels of the Chocolates slot!


The Chocolates slot is akin to many Megaways™ hits, if you were to take them down a notch for cleaner and straight-to-the-point gameplay. This 4×4 slot may seem minimalistic at first glance, but just like a box of chocolates — every spin is full of surprises and mouth watering bonus features. Players will find two Wilds, Scatters, a Free Spins bonus with Sticky Boxes and Chocolate Boxes that reveal extra symbols anytime they land. Amidst the appetising symbols is a hidden Golden Ticket, lucky players who come across this Wonka-esque voucher will enjoy the game’s only multiplier of 6x the win!


Playing Chocolates is as easy as taking candy from a baby (not that we condone that kind of behaviour)! Most of the symbols will look familiar (9-A) and the rest are pretty easy to figure out: four wrapped chocolates, Wilds, BTG Chocolate Boxes and a blue clock piece with golden handles as the game’s Scatter. Just like in Megaways™ slots, there are no fixed paylines in Chocolates. In the base game, there are 256 ways to win, the number of which rises exponentially anytime Chocolate Boxes appear on the reels. Theoretically, the base game can go up to 2,401 ways to win, and the Free Spins bonus may reach 65,536 with its Sticky Boxes. All wins pay from left to right except for Scatter wins, which pay on any. To get started simply set your preferred wager and spin away, but before you do, have a look at the game’s dandy features below, they will definitely come in candy! 


Wild Symbols — there are two Wild symbols in the game, the regular Wild and the Golden Ticket Wild. Both Wilds can only appear on the second or fourth reels and will substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter and Chocolate Box symbols. Lucky players who find the Golden Ticket will enjoy a 6x multiplier on a win where the Golden Ticket Wild substituted for another symbol. 

Chocolate Boxes — appear as yellow boxes with the BTG logo. These boxes can reveal up to four symbols, and each revealed chocolate will add to the number of symbols on that reel (and increases the number of ways to win). All boxes in one spin will reveal the same type of chocolate. 

Chocolates Free Spins — landing three or four Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will award seven or 10 Free Spins, respectively. During the Chocolates Free Spins bonus, all Chocolate Boxes become Sticky Boxes. Scatter symbols will not appear in this bonus round. 

Sticky Boxes — any Chocolate Box that appears during the Free Spins bonus turns into a Sticky Box and will hold its position on the reel for the duration of the bonus. Landing four Sticky Boxes on one reel will award an additional three Free Spins. Sweet!


Big Time Gaming always seems to know how to satisfy a craving! The barrage of experimental Megaways™ titles can get tiring, so it’s nice to hitch a ride back to the classic BTG gameplay every once in a while. With a savoury Free Spins bonus and plenty of Wilds, Chocolates delivers scrumptious gameplay and equally appetising payouts. We think that this quaint little slot is definitely worth a spin! It’s not nearly as volatile as its Megaways™ buddies and has a perfectly sweet RTP of 96.60%. 

Head over to EnergyCasino and whet your appetite for Chocolates, a brand-new game full of confectionery goodness that is sure to appease your sweet tooth! 

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*RTP statistics correct at the time of publishing. RTP subject to change.


Break into the Royal Mint in Big Time Gaming’s minty-fresh release: the Royal Mint Megaways slot! This brand-new game combines the fan-favourite mechanics from hits like Bonanza and Lil Devil to bring you another hot title built on the coined Megaways™ engine. The Royal Mint slot features up to 117,649 ways to win, a Free Spins bonus round with an unlimited Win Multiplier, triple reactions and a Heartstopper™ Enhanced Free Spins bonus.  Let’s have a look at what BTG has in store for you in Royal Mint and see if you can M-I-N-T enough coins to unlock the bonus rounds! 


The Royal Mint slot gameplay is similar to other Megaways™ blockbusters, built with the DNA of Bonanza and Lil Devil in particular. The Royal Mint Megaways™ slot features familiar Wild and Scatter mechanics as well as the new Heartstopper™ progressive collection. Falling short of a bonus has never felt so good! Anytime players land three Scatters (when four are needed to activate the Free Spins bonus), one Gold Bar is stashed away on the collection meters to the left and right of the reels. Gather 40 Gold Bars and you’re in for a booster — each spin will include one guaranteed Scatter symbol until a bonus is triggered. 


The game features 10 vibrant symbols, excluding the Wild and Scatters: 9, 10, J, Q, K, A and four precious gemstones in green, blue, red and purple. Wins are awarded from left to right on adjacent symbols, with payouts multiplied by the stake. The reels can feature from two to seven symbols, for a whopping maximum of 117,649 Megaways™ to win. When you’re ready to breach the gates of the Royal Mint, have a look at the game’s special features below and have fun!


Reactions (Cascading Reels) — every winning combination of symbols will be replaced with new symbols from above, creating new opportunities to secure a win. 

Triple Reaction — the Royal Mint slot features two extra reels above and below reels two, three, four and five. If symbols on these extra reels are a part of a winning reaction, they will also be replaced by new symbols (this time, from right to left). 

Megaways™ — each reel in Royal Mint, alone or with the extra reels, can have up to seven symbols. A spin where all reels have seven symbols equates to a massive 117,649 ways to win.

Wild Symbol — the game’s Wild can only appear on the extra reels. The symbol will substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter.

Free Spins Bonus — land four Scatter symbols (M-I-N-T) to win 12 Free Spins. An extra Scatter (+4 symbol) will top your spins with four more. During this bonus, the Scatter symbol (now a stack of gold bars) will only appear on the extra reels. Landing three Scatters during the bonus will add four Free Spins to the original 12, and a fourth will add another four.

Unlimited Win Multiplier — during the Royal Mint Free Spins bonus, a Win Multiplier of 1x is activated and will increase by one on every consecutive reaction.

Heartstopper™ Enhanced Free Spins — landing three Scatter symbols will award one Gold Bar, which will stack on the two progress bars to the left and right of the reels. At 40 Gold Bars, an extra Scatter will be added to every spin until the next bonus triggers. If four or more Scatters land in any position, the Heartstopper™ Enhanced Free Spins will be awarded. 

Enhanced Unlimited Win Multiplier— during the Heartstopper™ Enhanced Free Spins bonus, the Win Multiplier starts at 2x and will increase by two for every consecutive reaction. 


BTG never fails to impress! Yet another Megaways™ hit is rocking our portfolio with minty gameplay and bonus features fit for royalty. We are happy to see the reappearance of the Heartstopper™ mechanic in the Royal Mint Megaways slot, a feature we and all BTG fans loved in Lil Devil. As with most other Megaways™ slots, Royal Mint also leans towards higher volatility but backs it up with a decent RTP of 96.48%.*

Head over to EnergyCasino and let’s get on with minting heaps of gold in the Royal Mint slot!

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*RTP statistics correct at the time of publishing. RTP subject to change.


Watch out! Our favourite blobby extraterrestrials are making a comeback in Reactoonz 2, Play’n GO’s latest extraterrific grid slot. As a successor to the ever-popular Reactoonz, the Reactoonz 2 slot is packing an energised punch of new features on top of what we loved most about the original: an abundance of explosive Wilds and stellar cluster wins!  


Overall, Reactoonz 2 gameplay stays faithful to its predecessor. You’ll find familiar alien symbols, cascading reels and charging mechanics. This time around, the Reactoonz 2 slot features TWO awesome charge meters: the Fluctometer and the Quantumeter. The meters work in tandem to harness as much energy as possible to unleash a massive blast of Wilds, culminating in the release of the one-and-only, colossal Gargantoon. Let’s have a look at what shenanigans these googly-eyed aliens are up to, and what other changes you’ll encounter in Reactoonz 2. 


Reactoonz 2 is a 7×7 grid slot with eight colourful symbols, cascading reels and a max win of 5,083x the wager. Wins are achieved for clusters of five or more matching symbols, which must touch vertically or horizontally. There are two types of symbols in Reactoonz 2: one-eyed and two-eyed alien blobs. Two-eyed aliens are, for glaringly obvious reasons, vastly superior to their one-eyed counterparts and offer significantly higher payouts. On top of piles and piles of aliens, there are plenty of Wilds to go around and help you boost those wins. Let’s have an in-depth look into outer space and at the game’s features, there’s a lot to unpack! 


Cascading Reels — every winning cluster of symbols will be replaced with new symbols, for an extra chance to create more winning reactions. 

Fluctuating Symbols — at the start of every spin, a random one-eyed alien is selected as the Fluctuating symbol (displayed in the top-right corner). Winning clusters of Fluctuating symbols will charge the Fluctometer. If Fluctuating symbols win, an Electric Wild will appear on any spot where symbols were removed. 

Fluctometer — the Fluctometer holds 11 charges and randomly creates one, two or three Electric Wilds when filled. The Fluctometer is rechargeable, will fill up as long as winning clusters of Fluctuating symbols appear and resets on a losing spin. 

Quantumeter — is charged with Electric Wilds. Partially filling the meter will unleash Energoon Wilds and a full charge unleashes the Gargantoon Wild. Non-Wild symbols removed by an Electric Wild will also charge the Quantumeter. 

The Quantumeter has four levels and holds up to a total of 135 charges. Collect 55 charges for level one, 85 for level two, 110 for level three and all 135 for level four. If the Quantumeter does not reach level three, it drops Energoon Wilds onto the grid. If the Quantumeter reaches level three, it will unchain the gargantuan Gargantoon Wild. Releasing the Gargantoon disables both meters, and no additional charges can be gained. 

Electric Wilds — substitutes for all other symbols and can be created by winning with Fluctuating symbols, filling the Fluctometer or charging Uncharged Wilds. Electric Wilds zap other symbols on the grid, triggering massive cascades. 

Uncharged Wilds — can randomly appear on any cascade. They do not form wins but can be transformed into Electric Wilds when horizontally or vertically adjacent to winning symbols, or when the Wild Pair Explosion feature triggers. 

Energoon Wilds — Energoon Wilds substitute for all other symbols and can only appear if the Quantumeter reaches levels one and two. Level one creates four 1×1 Energoons at the cost of 55 charges, and level two will unleash one 2×2 Energoon at the cost of 30 charges. The Quantumeter will continue to charge after Energoon Wilds have been released. 

Gargantoon Wilds — substitute for all other symbols and can only appear when the Quantumeter surpasses level three. Reaching this level will shoot out a monstrous 3×3 Gargantoon Wild, which breaks down into smaller Gargantoons on winning cascades. The first win will splice it into two 2×2 Gargantoons, and the next winning cluster will shatter them into nine 1×1 Gargantoons. 

Quantumeter Multiplier — reaching level four on the Quantumeter is what you’re looking for if you’re in it to win it. This level will add a 2x multiplier for all wins that include Gargantuan Wilds, but only a single 2x multiplier is used for each winning cluster. 

Wild Pair Explosion — activates when other bonus features conclude and there are two or more Electric Wilds remaining on the grid. If there are two adjacent Electric Wilds, all other symbols except the Wilds are removed. If there are non-adjacent Electric Wilds, symbols in between them and those surrounding the Wilds will disappear.


Phew! The aliens are definitely over prepared for world domination. If you can wrap your head around all the features — perhaps you have what it takes to harness their precious energy. At first glance, the wide-eyed outsiders seem to have made it extra challenging to charge the meters this time around. Fortunately, it is just a masterfully crafted illusion! Once you get a chain reaction to pop off, the meters will fill up in the blink of an eye (or two). All in all, we love Reactoonz 2 — Play’n GO continue to amaze us with innovative features, engaging gameplay and polished visuals. 

Head over to EnergyCasino and let’s get on with sorting extraterrestrial life forms in Reactoonz 2!

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Reach for the stars and clear the grid for a chance at stellar wins in BTG’s latest hit: Star Clusters Megaclusters! This brand-new hybrid slot is bringing a cache of precious gemstones, multipliers, free spins and jaw-dropping cluster play to your screens at EnergyCasino. Fire up the engines and get ready for takeoff, we’re going after the massive 23,000x win!


With the release of Star Clusters comes the premiere of Big Time Gaming’s Megaclusters™  mechanic, an intriguing blend of grid-based gameplay and the Megaways™ engine. Star Clusters is the first grid slot released by the cutting-edge provider, featuring a 4×4 layout with the potential to expand to 64 symbols during the base game and up to 256 in the Free Spins bonus. The objective is to land as many identical symbols as possible, so long as they connect vertically or horizontally!

Symbols in each gem-shattering combo will be replaced by new symbols, much like Bonanza’s Cascading Reels — but with a hot twist! If you’re lucky enough to hit a win, the Megaclusters™ comes into play and replaces each symbol with FOUR more. On top of that, you can look forward to two Wild symbols, multipliers and a Free Spins round with a larger grid and out-of-this-world payouts.  


Star Clusters Megaclusters™ is a jewel-themed slot with a 4×4 grid in the base game and 8×8 in the Free Spins bonus. Wins are paid out for clusters of five or more matching symbols, which must fall and connect to each other vertically or horizontally. The game offers a minimum buy-in of €0.20 (or currency equivalent) and a maximum win cap of 23,000x your wager. The Star Clusters Megaclusters™ RTP is 96.54%, and much like all Megaways™ games from BTG, it also sits at the higher end of the volatility spectrum.  

So, what are Megaclusters™, and how do they work? Every spin starts off on a 4×4 grid with 16 symbols. If you land a win, each symbol in the winning combo will be replaced by four smaller symbols. These symbols function like the Cascading Reels mechanic, drop down randomly and can include Wilds. Clearing the grid in a series of wins can lead to the base game symbol cap of 64, and with it some cosmic wins! These reactions will continue until no new winning clusters are formed. Keep in mind that each symbol (of the original 16) can only split once! Subsequent clusters will be replaced by symbols of the same size. 

You can boost your wins with the help of two transcendent Wilds, one of which packs a progressive multiplier. Let’s have a look at the game’s core features and find out how you can get your hands on some free spins!


Megaclusters — the Megaclusters™ mechanic is the Megaways™ equivalent for grid slots, with a little something extra! Each symbol in a winning combination will be replaced by FOUR new, randomly selected symbols. This feature can expand the base grid to 64 symbols and the Star Clusters Free Spins grid up to 256. Megaclusters™ will keep popping as long as winning clusters are formed, and will reset to the base 4×4 on a losing spin.  

Rainbow Wild Symbol — the Rainbow Wild is the game’s regular Wild. It will substitute for any other symbol in a winning cluster, except for the Gold Wild.

Gold Wild Symbol — the Gold Wild will also substitute for all other symbols but falls down with a multiplier. The Gold Wild Multiplier starts at 1x, and increases by one when one or more Gold Wilds substitute for another symbol in a winning cluster.  

Star Clusters Free Spins — if you shatter at least five winning clusters in a row, you will be awarded two free spins! The number of awarded free spins will be increased by one for every winning cluster after the first five. If the Gold Wild Multiplier is active on the triggering spin, the multiplier will carry over to the Free Spins bonus. Should the multiplier reach 10x during the bonus, an additional two free spins will be awarded. 


When it comes to innovative gameplay and fantastic rewards, BTG is always at the forefront of the industry, breaking new ground with every step. Star Clusters Megaways™ is the latest, cutting-edge addition to Big Time Gaming’s out-of-this-world portfolio of casino slot games. Featuring the popular grid layout, Star Clusters amps up the entertainment with cascading clusters, stacking multipliers and a Free Spins bonus. Check it out and see what the buzz is all about!

Head over to EnergyCasino and shoot for the stars in Star Clusters Megaclusters™, you’re in for explosive cluster plays and stellar wins! 

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Ready for a slot which will melt in your mouth? Wazdan delights us with a super divine treat with its latest release – Choco ReelsTM. Dripping with candy-coated features, toothsome symbols, and up to 46,656 ways to win, the Choco Reels slot has all the ingredients for a mouthwatering success. Let’s find out how hard you’ll start craving for sweets while tasting this delicious slot!

Choco Reels Slot Gameplay

If you’re in for a delightful time, the Choco ReelsTM online slot will surely tickle your taste buds. An assortment of colourful candy symbols will immediately inundate your screen, a sweet jingle will stir up your senses, and the vibrant graphics will get you in the mood for dessert.  

The Choco ReelsTM slot has no fixed paylines. Instead, you can indulge in different reel combinations. When you start playing this slot, you’ll enjoy 2,304 ways to win, but by the time you unlock more chocolate bars, this number can increase up to 46,656. Over and above, the Choco ReelsTM slot is jammed with exciting bonus features, including multi-level wins, free spins with infinite multipliers, and a choco spins bonus which can reach a x6 multiplier. All these sweet elements can help you win up to 9,500x your bet!

How to play Choco Reels

The Choco Reels online casino slot features six reels, six rows, and from 2,304 to 46,656 ways to win, depending on the number of unlocked reel positions. To take home a sweet win, you need to hit a winning combination of three, four, five or six adjacent symbols which starts from the leftmost reel.

If you want to stir up some wins, your first step is to set your bet. The minimum bet stands at €0.20, while you can wager up to €100.00. You can set the speed at which the reels spin and even adjust the slot’s volatility in Choco ReelsTM. When you’re done, you can start spinning the reels and enjoy some creamy wins. With an RTP of 96.22% and a mix of tasteful bonus features, this slot guarantees a satisfactory experience, especially knowing that with every win, the winning symbols will disappear from the reels, making way for new sweets and more tasty wins!

Choco Reels Features

Wild symbol – This can substitute for any other symbol, except scatter symbols and other special symbols.

Scatter symbol – When you land at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, these will pay a win and activate 10 free spins. 

Bug symbol – Whenever the charming bug appears, it will gobble two chocolate blocks – removing two locked positions on the reels, even if you don’t hit a win. 

Multi-level wins – At the beginning of the game, 21 reel positions are locked. After each winning sequence or when the bug symbol lands on the reels, you unlock two reel positions, increasing the number of ways you can win. Every time you land a win, the winning symbols will disappear, and new symbols will cascade into their place.  

Choco spins bonus – This bonus round is activated as soon as you unlock all the reel positions. It awards six free spins once it’s triggered, and with each spin, the win multiplier increases by one. Once you fill up the baking syringe with enough chocolate cream to unlock all the reels, you can enjoy the cherry on the cake – 46,656 ways to win! 

Free spins with an infinite multiplier – Three or more scatter symbols can trigger 10 free spins. During the free spin rounds, a special symbol (+3FS) may appear on the reels awarding an extra three free spins. The multiplier can increase to infinity during the free spins, leading to a possible super sweet win. 

Gamble Feature – Choco ReelsTM boasts a unique gamble mode which can top up your wins with extra sweeteners. You can double your win if you guess the colour of the cotton candy or the cone in which the ice-cream will flow, but if your guess is wrong, you lose all your wins. Otherwise, if you don’t feel like putting your wins at risk, you can collect them instantaneously.

Buy Feature – You can buy any of the special bonuses while playing the Choco ReelsTM slot. 

All the sweetness in one slot

Getting your hands on a zestful win is a piece of cake in Choco ReelsTM. With up to 46,656 ways to win, you’re in for a treat if you activate the choco spins bonus and stir in some free spins with infinite multipliers. Your sweet tooth will be tingling to no end!

Visit EnergyCasino and enjoy the sweet, sweet goodies in Choco ReelsTM! If you’re looking for more delightful slot previews, stay tuned for the latest news on slots, sports and esports with EnergyBetWorld


The Dog House™ is back! Pragmatic Play is throwing us a bone with the new The Dog House Megaways™ casino slot that has a massive 117,649 ways to win and two Free Spins bonus rounds. While we wag our tails in anticipation of the slot’s release, let’s have a sniff around and see what shenanigans our favourite pooches are up to! 


If you’ve ever taken the original game for a walk around the block, you’ll feel right at home in The Dog House Megaways™. The symbols, layout and overall aesthetics stay faithful to the game’s predecessor, but The Dog House Megaways™ slot packs a handful of surprises that will leave you barking for more! 

The game operates on BTG’s Megaways™ engine, with no fixed paylines and 117,649 ways to win. On top of that, you can look forward to multipliers, two Free Spins bonuses and pawssible wins of over 12,000x the wager!


The Dog House Megaways™ online casino features six reels, up to seven rows, 13 symbols and thousands of ways to win. Since there are no fixed paylines, winning combinations are attributed to adjacent symbols (regardless of size), as long as the sequence begins from the leftmost reel. Each reel can land up to seven symbols, with a mastiff total of 117,649 ways to win when landing seven symbols on each reel. 

To get started, load up The Dog House Megaways™ and set your wager using the game’s interface. While there may be minor changes on release, we expect the minimum wager to stick to €0.20. The Dog House Megaways™ RTP is 96.55%, but keep in mind that all Megaways™ games are of relatively high volatility. 


Wild Symbol — the Dog House Wild can only appear on reels two, three, four and five. The symbol will have a random multiplier, up to 3x, and will substitute for all other symbols except for the Bonus Scatter. If two or more Wilds are a part of a single winning combo, the multipliers will stack. 

Scatter Symbol — players who have at least three Bonus Scatters in their pawssession are in for a treat! You’ll be met with a choice between two Free Spins bonus features: the Sticky Wilds Free Spins and Raining Wilds Free Spins. The number of Free Spins is dependant on the number of Scatter symbols present on the reels and will vary between the two features. If you choose Sticky Wilds, three Scatters award seven spins, and go up to 20 Free Spins for landing all six. In the Raining Wilds bonus, three Scatters yield 15 Free Spins and 30 for all six. 

Sticky Wilds Free Spins — during the Sticky Wilds Free Spins bonus, two to seven Wilds can appear on the reels and will stick in place for the duration of the round. The Wilds will drop with multipliers of up to 3x and may vary in size from spin to spin. Landing more than a couple of Wilds in this round is no easy feat; thus, this feature is expected to have higher volatility than Raining Wilds. This feature cannot be retriggered. 

Raining Wilds Free Spins — if you opt for the Raining Wilds Free Spins bonus, you’re in for even more Free Spins! Each spin in this round may land up to six Wilds in random positions. Just like in Sticky Wilds and the base game, the Wild symbols carry a multiplier of up to 3x. This feature cannot be retriggered. 

Buy Free Spins — in select markets, players will have access to the Buy Free Spins feature. The buyout is set at 100x the wager, and will instantly trigger a Scatter-rich spin and the Free Spins bonus selection. 


When facing puppies and 117,649 ways to win, it’s hard not to love The Dog House Megaways™. Although the game looks and feels like its predecessor, The Dog House™,  the rewarding bonus features certainly make up for the lack of new visuals. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — right? Massive winnings, stacking multipliers, instant feature buyouts and two Free Spins bonuses all push and shove The Dog House Megaways™ to the next level of gameplay.  

Head over to EnergyCasino and let the dogs out in The Dog House Megaways™, this game will have you as happy as a dog with two tails!

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Hey there, little devil! Big Time Gaming is rocking the reels in the Lil’ Devil slot — the latest addition to our portfolio of exceptional games. With melodic hits like Danger! High Voltage and The Final Countdown under its belt, BTG is turning up the heat with a playful homage to The Cult’s 1987 single Lil’ Devil. The British rock band first hit the stage in ‘83, soaring to popularity with chart-toppers like “She Sells Sanctuary” and “Love Removal Machine”. 


The Lil’ Devil casino slot is set to the vibrant post-punk track, with 4,096 ways to win and devilishly-good bonus features. The lyrics of the popular hit come to life on the reels of Lil’ Devil, as Angels and Devils swoop in to leave Multipliers, Free Spins and broken hearts in their wake. 

On top of two dynamic Wilds and two Free Spins bonuses, you can look forward to the brand-new Heartstopper™ mechanic. This progressive feature involves collecting jewelled Hearts in the base game — mend 40 broken hearts to gain even more Wilds and Multipliers during the Heartstopper™ Enhanced Free Spins feature.


The core mechanics in the Lil’ Devil slot are straightforward: set your wager using the STAKE buttons and hit PLAY. The minimum wager is €0.10 (or currency equivalent), and an AUTOPLAY mode is available on the right-hand side of the user interface. 

Although Lil’ Devil is not a Megaways™ game, it boasts a massive 4,096 ways to win! That means that there are no fixed paylines; instead, symbols that fall adjacently, beginning with the leftmost reel, will count as a win. 

Before you dive in and surrender to the dynamite lover’s gaze, let’s have a glance at the game’s bonus features.  


Devil Wild — the fiery Devil is the game’s Wild symbol. The Devil Wild can appear on reels two to five and will substitute for all symbols except Scatters. 

Angel Wild — the Angel Wild is a stacked Wild that appears on reels three and four. When the Angel Wild descends on the reels, she will bring along a Multiplier between 4x and 12x. Up to two Angels can appear on the reels, bringing the maximum possible Multiplier to a jaw-dropping 144x. 

Scatter — the Scatter symbol, a wooden shack (an easter egg from BTG’s Bonanza), is the lead in Lil’ Devil! Landing two Scatters anywhere on the reels will award one Heart. Collecting 40 Hearts unlocks the Heartstopper™ feature, which enhances the Free Spins. To grab these spins, you’ll have to land three Scatters and select which of the two Free Spins you would prefer. 

Be My Angel Free Spins — in Be My Angels Free Spins, you’ll get seven Free Spins, and one of the game’s symbols will be randomly selected as the Wild. Every time this symbol appears on reels two, three, four or five, it will transform into a Sticky Wild and will stay in place for the duration of the Free Spins. Four Sticky Wilds on reels three or four will switch to an Angel Wild, with a multiplier that starts at 4x and increases by two on each spin, up to 12x. Additionally, landing four Sticky Wilds will award three extra free spins. 

Dynamite Lover Free Spins — if you choose the Dynamite Lover Free Spins bonus, you’re in for 12 Free Spins and Dynamite Wilds. In this mode, all winning symbols (except Scatters) will be replaced by a cascade of new symbols from above. The Dynamite Wilds can appear on reels three and four, and will also have an increasing Multiplier. The Multiplier will be boosted by one each time the Dynamite Wild is part of a winning combination. Landing three Scatters will award six more Free Spins, and any extra Scatters will top it off with six more spins, each!

Heartstopper™ Enhanced Free Spins — lucky players who come across 40 mended Hearts, in the base game, will unlock a booster to two Free Spins bonuses. In Enhanced Be My Angel Free Spins, the Purple Heart symbol will become an additional Sticky Wild. In Enhanced Dynamite Lover Free Spins, the Dynamite Wild Multiplier will start at 5x. 


Fans of the ‘87 single and interactive BTG slots will appreciate everything that Lil’ Devil has to offer. Great music, action-packed bonus features, Free Spins and so much more. Everything, from the symbol design (Lizard in a Bottle, we’re looking at you) to the engaging Heartstopper™ feature, makes Lil’ Devil stand out from the crowd. 

Head over to EnergyCasino and load up Lil’ Devil, you’ll experience top-of-the-line gameplay from one of the world’s most innovative developers. Come on little devil, be my little angel!

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The world’s cheekiest teddy is making a MEGA comeback! The Ted Megaways casino slot is hitting the screens at EnergyCasino, and you wouldn’t want to miss the latest antics of your favourite bear. 


The long-awaited sequel to Blueprint Gaming’s Ted slot game, Ted Megaways™ is packing a massive 117,649 ways to win! Based on Ted, the 2012 film by Seth MacFarlane, the Ted Megaways™ online slot features familiar characters and playful bonus features like Mystery Symbols, the Wheel of Fartune and Thunder Buddies for Life! Free Spins. 

Bear with us as we hit the couch and dig deep for the latest scoop on this fantastic game — we’ll be unpacking the game’s most thrilling features, are you in? 


The fan-favourite Megaways™ engine is a random reel modifier which alters the number of symbols that land on the reels. As long as the symbols fall adjacent to one another, and begin from the leftmost reel, the sequence will count as a win. That means that there are no paylines in Ted Megaways™, and a single spin can result in up to 117,649 ways to win! 

Our Ted might be a bit of a hoarder, he’s piling up a sizeable stash of bonus features on the reels of Ted Megaways™! Let’s have a look.


Cascading Reels — Ted Megaways™ features Cascading reels, where every winning combination of symbols will be destroyed and replaced by a cascade of new symbols from above. The cascades will continue until no new winning combinations can be formed. 

Mystery Symbols — this feature may randomly activate on any spin. Ted will zap the reels, adding Mystery Symbols on the next spin. The Mystery Symbol can transform into any other symbols, except for the Scatter, and may help in securing a win. 

Thunder Buddies for Life! Free Spins — landing at least four Scatter symbols will trigger the Thunder Buddies for Life! bonus. During this Free Spins feature, the spins use a progressive multiplier which increases by one with every cascade. At the beginning of the round, players can choose between collecting 12 Free Spins or taking a gamble on the Wheel of Fartune. 

Wheel of Fartune — this bonus feature is activated at the beginning of the Free Spins round, and has a chance to increase the number of spins and the minimum number of ways to win. Claim the 12 Free Spins or spin the wheel to gamble, but keep in mind that you can also lose spins on the Wheel of Fartune. 

Increasing Megaways™ — during the Ted Megaways™ Free Spins, collecting three or more Golden Ted symbols will award additional free spins AND upgrade the minimum number of Megaways™.   

To get started, load up the Ted Megaways™ slot, set your desired wager and hit the SPIN button. The minimum wager is €0.10 (or currency equivalent), and the maximum possible win is 25,000x the wager. Wins are awarded when matching symbols land in succession from the leftmost reel to the right, regardless of size.


Blueprint Gaming delivers fantastic visuals, rewarding bonus features and polished gameplay in one of the hottest hits of this summer: Ted Megaways™. Bad teddy strikes again with a whopping 117,649 Megaways™ to win, polished graphics and entertaining gameplay — what’s not to love? Players will discover Cascading Reels, Mystery Symbols, Ted Megaways Free Spins and other exciting features. Head over to EnergyCasino and load up Ted Megaways™, we’ll get you up and ready for Thunder Buddy time!

Looking for more jaw-dropping slot games and in-depth previews of upcoming hits? Keep up to date with all news and info on sports, esports and casino gaming with EnergyBetWorld.


Buckle up and get ready for the blockbuster slot release of the summer: Gonzo’s Quest Megaways from Red Tiger Gaming! We’re prepping the galleon and setting sail for the Americas, so hop on and join Gonzo on a riveting quest through Amazonia — the lost city of gold, El Dorado, is lurking within!


The bearded Spanish explorer, Gonzo, is back in search of the mythical city of El Dorado, rumoured to be located in the northernmost regions of South America. This time around, he’s packing an arsenal of 117,649 Megaways™ to win and a stockpile of features that will conquer the jungle… and your heart!

This bustling sequel to Gonzo’s Quest™ has six reels, where up to seven symbols can appear, and an RTP of 96.00%. Let’s dive in for a deeper look at what NetEnt and Red Tiger have in store for us. We’ll explore Avalanches, Free Falls, Unbreakable Wilds, Earthquakes and other earth-shattering features of Gonzo’s Quest™ Megaways™. 


Legend has it that the reels of the Gonzo’s Quest Megaways slot are bursting with treasure! Your goal is all mapped out — gather matching symbols from left to right for a chance to win over 20,000x your wager. This crowd-puller packs barrels of gameplay mechanics that will aid you along the way! 


Avalanching Reels — every winning combination of symbols will be shattered and replaced by a cascade of new symbols falling from above. Avalanches will continue for as long as winning combinations keep landing.

Multipliers — every consecutive avalanche, on a single spin, will trigger an increasing win multiplier. In the base game, players will see multipliers of 1x, 2x, 3x and 5x. In the Free Fall bonus, the multipliers are boosted to 3x, 6x, 9x and 15x! The multiplier will reset on non-winning spins.

Unbreakable Wilds — the golden question marks are the game’s Unbreakable Wilds. Only two Wilds can land in one spin: one on the first three reels, and the other somewhere on the second three. Unbreakable Wilds will stick to the reels even if they are a part of a winning combo and will replace any other symbol, including the Free Fall symbols. 

Earthquakes — earthquakes randomly shake up your gameplay, crushing all low-paying symbols and allowing only symbols of the highest values to drop down onto the reels.

Free Fall — the game’s most exciting adventure is hidden behind the gilded gates of El Dorado! The Free Fall Free Spins bonus can be activated by landing 3x Free Fall symbols or 2x Free Falls and a Wild. This feature awards nine free spins, with three extra spins for any additional Free Fall symbol, and bumps up the win multipliers up to a rewarding 15x. This fantastic bonus can be retriggered during the free spins!

Wins are awarded when matching symbols land in succession from the leftmost reel to the right, regardless of size. Players can set wagers as low as €0.10, and the game can be enjoyed on all devices! 


The Gonzo’s Quest™ Megaways™ casino slot is the long-awaited successor to Gonzo’s Quest™ from the titanic duo, NetEnt and Red Tiger, and it lives up to all expectations! The developers went out of their way to deliver exceptional, reinvigorated gameplay with all of the original mechanics we loved, and so much more. Polished graphics, smooth animations and a cache of exhilarant bonus features await explorers from all corners of the world. 

So pack your gear and roll out the map — you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime!

Head over to EnergyCasino and load up Gonzo’s Quest™ Megaways™, we’ll get you up and ready for conquest! Looking for more jaw-dropping slot games and in-depth previews of upcoming hits? Keep up to date with all news and info on sports, esports and casino gaming with EnergyBetWorld.


The infamous Emperor of Evil, M. Bison, is stirring trouble once again in the hottest slot at EnergyCasino right now! Do you have what it takes to bring down the covert syndicate Shadaloo? It’s time to head back to the ‘90s, as the Street Fighter 2 slot enters for fist-pumping action! 

Developed by NetEnt, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™ is a homage to the timeless arcade classic: Street Fighter II. Fresh for June 2020, the Street Fighter II™ slot is hadouken’ing it’s way straight to EnergyCasino, and we love the super combo of casino gameplay and nostalgic 1991 mechanics. If brick-and-mortar slots and fruit machines are not your cup of tea, have a sip of NetEnt’s Street Fighter II™ for a bash of POW and a kick of WOW!


Based on one of the best fighting games of all time, the Street Fighter 2 slot brings back eight of your favourite characters to dominate their opponent and restore order in the world. M.Bison sent forth his Shadaloo henchmen to wreak havoc in the shadows of the law – to stop him, you must prove your worth amongst eight relentless warriors. In the main game, your objective is to strike fear into the competition and bring your opponent’s health points (HP) down to zero. Claim the crown and you will face the first of four mighty bosses with equally mighty multipliers. Every triumphant victory unlocks the door to the next boss fight, where you’ll find an increased multiplier and the chance to move one step closer to defeating M. Bison. 


Your first step in this Street Fighter 2 slot is selecting a character to play. Pay close attention, as each character has a unique ability, a Wild Combo, which can be used to your advantage. The characters make up two distinct groups based on the frequency of wins: those who hit often, and those who hit hard.


Dhalsim, from India, places three or four Wild symbols randomly.

Japan’s E. Honda, who drops three Wilds on the same reel.

Ryu, the mighty Japanese champion, will leave three Wilds on the same row.

Guile represents the USA and will place two vertical stacks of two Wilds. 


USSR’s terrifying Zangief will smash in two horizontal stacks of two Wilds.

Chun Li, China’s sweetheart, will place two to seven Wilds randomly. 

Brazilian Blanka will leave one to five Wilds on the same reel.

Fan-favourite American, Ken, will also drop one to five Wilds, but unlike Blanka, they will land on the same row. 

During the main game and in Beat The Boss Free Spins, your character will have a Wild Gauge meter above them, ready to be charged. The meter will fill up by one point for each high-value symbol in a winning combo. When you can no longer trigger wins and have at least seven charges on the Wild Gauge, your characters will execute their Wild Combo feature and place Wild symbols onto the reels. If the Wild Gauge does not have enough charges to activate a Wild Combo, the meter will reset. 


Each battle will end when one of the characters runs out of health points, just like in the real game. You cannot change your character before the winner of a match is determined. To damage your opponent, you must land on a winning combination that includes your Victory or Defeat symbols. If your opponent lands on Victory and Defeat combos of their character, you will receive damage. The decrease of HP is equal to the number of Victory or Defeat symbols in the combo. No other character symbols will appear on the reels, only yours, your opponent’s, and the familiar royals. 


Reduce your opponent’s HP to zero to activate the Beat The Boss Free Spins feature. In Street Fighter 2’s Free Spins bonus, you will progress through four boss stages (yes, all entirely free!) and make your way to the final fight with M. Bison.  First up is USA’s Balrog with a 2X multiplier, then Spain’s Vega at 3X, Sagat from Thailand at 5X, and finally M. Bison with a massive multiplier of 10X. 

Beat The Boss Free Spins will last for an indefinite number of spins until you lose or emerge victorious. If you finish undefeated, you will be rewarded with the ultimate World Championship prize purse of 100X of your bet!


If you lose during the Free Spins bonus, you may get the chance to restart the current level by using the Insert Coin Street Fighter II gamble feature. Sacrifice a portion of your winnings to have another go at the Shadaloo warlords! This feature is not available in all casinos and can only be used once per game. 


Should you lose to your opponent in the main game, you will unlock an interactive mini-game, Car Smash, where you can bash and smash just like in the original Street Fighter II bonus level! Control your character using the on-screen panel or your keyboard hotkeys. Destroying the vehicle will end the bonus game and award a random win of 5X to 15X of your wager. 

Head over to EnergyCasino and load up Street Fighter II™, we’ll get you up and ready to K.O! And keep up to date with all news and info for sports and esports around the globe at EnergyBetWorld.

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Enjoy a hot selection of slots to warm you up

The cold month of February brings some of the hottest BF Games slot releases to the date – a royal day with the Queen, a legendary western tale, a magical spell book, an arctic adventure and a wild Aztec tribal adventure with a 3D touch are waiting for a spin. Uff! Put the kettle on, get cosy and be ready for some winter action at EnergyCasino.

Our Majesty the Queen and her royal court are gathering together to celebrate her benevolence in the latest Play’n GO slot Queen’s Day Tilt. Her royal knights will battle in an attempt to gain her trust with an innovative 3×3 grid.

Behold the Queen and go get your winning combinations by landing 2 or more matching symbols in a row, horizontally or vertically. Winning symbols are removed and the remaining symbols drop down. It’s a game full of rewarding surprises. Just make sure the Queen likes you, otherwise, you should watch your head.

The show must always go on, even if it is in the jungle! Discover the secrets of a wild jungle in Aztec Adventure™. This unique slot conceived by BF Games is truly ground-breaking and feature special 3D graphics. Once you open the game you will be greeted by gigantic 3D guiding stone statue, which will provide you with many memorable experiences during your spinning adventure; with some luck, it’ll show you the way to the legendary Aztec gold.

Aztec Adventure 3D™ video slot has 3 reels, 3 rows and 27 ways to win. Avoid the mosquito bites and land at least 3 Scatter symbols will trigger 15 Free Spins. If 9 identical round symbols land on the screen then your winning is tripled! The video slot features also Wild Symbol, Gamble Mode and AutoPlay to help you escape the tribes with your share of gold. Just be careful with the tigers, you’re in the jungle after all.

Made out of the jungle alive? Good! Learn more about new slot games, the latest slot releases.

The fun is non-stopping at EnergyCasino. With a touch of magic, the spins get started on the brand-new NetEnt slot Golden Grimoire™. Spin these magic reels, cast winning spells, and open a portal for endless riches.

This mystic online slot comes in a 5-reel, 4-row, 20-line configuration featuring Mystery symbol transformation, Wild Substitution and Free Spins with Sticky Mystery Symbol transformations. This game has a number of hidden secrets for the ones who dare to discover them.

Provided to EnergyCasino by Microgaming, Arctic Valor™ is Crazy Tooth Studio favourite creation. With 6-reels and 4-rows packed with gorgeous art, cinema-quality soundtrack, and frozen Valkyries, Arctic Valor™ is your next online slot adventure.

While you spin the reels to unfreeze the mighty Valkyries, icicles grow from the top of the screen, waiting to fall and crash onto the reels, awarding both wild transformations and cash prizes during this Icicle feature! Arctic Valor™ provides a visually stunning journey into a land of ice and snow, complete with a fantastically Norse-tinged atmosphere with every spin.

If ice and snow is not your thing, perhaps a wild western tale might fit your boots cowboy. Join a relentless Sheriff and chase a gang of outlaws with the legendary Golden Colts™, a pair of mysterious guns which allegedly shot Billie the Kid and countless other bandits.

With 5-reel, 40 fixed paylines and all the sand one can get in their clothes, Golden Colts™ comes with plenty of bonuses in the barrels for you. Golden Colts™ get very loud with the shots and horse chases but make no mistake, bandits will smell the maximum payouts of 2,500 times of your stake. Get your horse ready and play Golden Colts™!

After all these amazing releases, the cold won’t even dare to bother you this month – get cosy and start spinning on your favourite slots. Remember to keep an eye on our website for more special releases, tournaments and amazing promotions made exclusively for you. If you hit a Jackpot feel free to brag on our blog or Facebook profile. Have fun!

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Who wants to be a millionaire at EnergyCasino?

Welcome to the sweet November, the season of senses. When the weather pushes you to seek shelter in the warmth of your home, it’s nice to fill your hours with something meaningful. Without any further delays, we present you the EnergyCasino premieres for November.

Check the must-play Big Time Gaming Slots

Our biggest release is the world-famous Bonanza slot from Big Time Gaming. This highly volatile slot is based on the Megaways game engine, and this means you can activate up to an astonishing 117,649 pay lines. You can place your bet anywhere between 20p and £500 and you have the possibility of winning up to 10,000 times your stake.
Bonanza takes us to a gold mine located in a lovely countryside. Above the reels, you’ll see an old-fashioned mining cart that carries 4 symbols. This happens on every spin and increases your winning opportunities.
Every symbol that is involved in a winning combination will explode making room for new symbols to form new winning combinations. This goes on as long as you keep winning. The heart and soul of the game is the free spins feature, where every time you get a consecutive win, the multiplier is increased by a factor of one. Land some early wins and the multiplier can really get going towards the end of the feature, making your winnings will be huge.


But what if you are more into general knowledge than engineering? If your favourite TV program is Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, we have something special for you – Big Time Gaming is turning this beloved show into the greatest online gaming release of all times! Will the 50/50, ask the audience, or call a friend, help to win the million? Challenge yourself at this most entertaining slot, boosted by the Megaways game engine and win a million!

The New Play’n GO Slots Became Even Better!

Play‘n GO slots are always packed with high-end graphics and attention to details. The new project takes us to a faraway fantasy land filled with heroes, magic rings and mystic dragons!
The Dragon Maiden slot has 5 reels and 3 rows, where the symbols can become Wild with the chance to expand up to 3 symbols high. The Dragon scatters award you Respins and free spins. Dragon Scatters during the Free Spins game increase the height of the reel they land on up to 6 symbols high. When a reel reaches 6 symbols you are awarded a Golden Free Spins, which increase the winning ways up to 7,776! Dragon Maiden symbols can become Wild with the chance to expand up to 3 symbols high, thus multiplying your bet up to 5,000x. Get ready to hear the Dragon’s scream in this game as it can make you rich.


There’s another Play’n Go slot coming under the spotlights – Banana Rock. It’s based on a rock band of monkeys, which come to town to play a gig at a local venue. Benefit from respins with Rock ‘N’ Rollin’ wilds locked in place, moving only to connect with other wilds to give you a trail of wilds. There’s also a Free Spins feature where you collect band members to add multipliers up to 5x. Finally, there’s an Encore Spin feature which guarantees you a win with only band member symbols and multipliers up to 25x!


Behold the Ground-Breaking NetEnt Slots

NetEnt got us used to very loud productions. NetEnt last gig brings us the brutal Viking period where warriors had to use their wits to survive and were answerable only to the gods.
Based on the TV series, this video slot has 243 bet ways and packs a Hotspot Feature, a Shield Wall Feature, and a Raid Spins mode, including 3 Hotspots. Additionally, on the Raid Spins the excitement gets ramped up even more with the game changing to a 7-reel, 5-row and 78,125 bet ways reel battleground. Is the way to Valhalla through this NetEnt slot?


By the end of November, NetEnt is already preparing us all for the Christmas with the Jingle Spins, a video slot full of Christmas decorations, bells, colourful lamps, and green Elves. The whole lot for a merrier season. Not to be missed.


Keep an eye on our website for more special releases, NetEnt slots, Play‘n GO slots, tournaments and amazing promotions made exclusively for you. See you at EnergyCasino.

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