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Who wants to chase a win at EnergyCasino?

26th Feb 2019

Enjoy a hot selection of slots to warm you up The cold month of February brings some of the hottest BF Games slot releases to the date – a royal day with the Queen, a legendary western tale, a magical spell book, an arctic adventure and a wild Aztec tribal adventure with a 3D touch […]

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Who wants to be a millionaire at EnergyCasino?

22nd Nov 2018

Welcome to the sweet November, the season of senses. When the weather pushes you to seek shelter in the warmth of your home, it’s nice to fill your hours with something meaningful. Without any further delays, we present you the EnergyCasino premieres for November. Check the must-play Big Time Gaming Slots Our biggest release is […]

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Go for Premieres in October at EnergyCasino

25th Oct 2018

How do we celebrate Halloween at Energy Casino? By launching new exciting and somewhat spooky slots and who knows, maybe we are going to throw in some scary promotions? Let’s check what our favourite providers prepared for the scariest night of the year!   When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon […]

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He Just Won a Divine Fortune at EnergyCasino

24th Jul 2018

Imagine being just 30 years old and experiencing an unexpected win of €207,911 from the gods! That’s exactly what happened to one lucky EnergyCasino player named Radek (well, okay, it was EnergyCasino and NetEnt, not the gods). Yep, it seems that the spirits of ancient Greek mythos were smiling on a certain player named Radek […]

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Cryptos, What’s Going On?

01st Jun 2018

Just what is going on with cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin, the granddaddy of all cryptos, was pushing $20,000 in December 2017, before experiencing a wild ride through 2018 that saw it approach lows of $6,500. Today, it has stabilized somewhat around the $7,500 mark – but that’s quite a drop! Other major cryptos, like Ethereum and Litecoin […]

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25th May 2018

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos out there, all trying to persuade you to play with them. However, among the legitimate and trustworthy casinos like EnergyCasino, are some rather dodgy operations – so we will run through some things to consider when choosing a casino. Look for a Good License Many […]

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What the Heck? Slots

18th May 2018

Every now and then, a slot comes along which makes you ask, “what the heck  were they thinking?” From the cheesy to the bizarre, here’s a rundown of some of some of the most cringeworthy video slots of all time! Hoffmania™ Now, I appreciate “The Hoff” as much as any non-German can, and the exceptional […]

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The Dawn of Skill-Based Gaming

10th May 2018

The Random Slot Rules Right now, in 2018, the bread and butter of most casinos, online or offline, is still the good old slot. Okay, sure, they have come a long way, with many featuring slick video game quality graphics, immersive sound, and more bonus features than you can shake a stick at – but, […]

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22nd Jan 2018

Great news! We’ve been listening to our players, and you can now exchange your EnergyPoints for EnergySpins, at EnergyCasino! That’s right, in addition to being able to exchange your points for cash or a growing range of exclusive apparel, sportswear, designer accessories, or top branded technology, you can now get even more spins to play […]

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Marc Found the Pharaoh’s Treasure!

10th Jan 2018

At EnergyCasino, some of our most popular games are set in the scorching deserts of ancient Egypt –  and today one of our German players named Marc found out why, when he won an incredible €30,870.00 on Pharaoh’s Tomb™! Of course, we got in touch with Marc to congratulate him on his huge win, and […]

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Casinos: Online vs Land-Based

08th Jan 2018

Say the word ‘casino’ and most people instantly picture the blazing neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip, the incredible high-rise super-resorts of Macau, or the sophisticated luxury of Monaco. But, for all their glitzy appeal, are traditional land-based casinos really the best places to play? Okay, so land-based casinos do have some things going […]

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Gambling Around the World

08th Jan 2018

Whether its playing baccarat at a glitzy casino, having a game of poker with your friends, spinning online slots, taking a punt on football, or betting on financial markets, the world loves the thrill of gambling! So, which countries love gambling the most? Spain Despite gambling only being legalised in Spain in 1977 (and slot […]

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The Magic of Christmas Slots

14th Dec 2017

Jingling bells, trees adorned with twinkling lights, snow blanketing the streets with a glittering carpet of a trillion crystals… and irate motorists haranguing each other for parking spaces at the local mall – yep, it’s nearly Christmas! We say it’s probably best to stay warm and cosy inside, put your feet up, have a mince […]

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Confused by Cryptocurrencies?

04th Dec 2017

By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin – but, you may not know much about them.  And, with the price of Bitcoin soaring to record levels (almost $12,000 at the time or writing), lets shed some light on what […]

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Not Quite Ocean’s Eleven

29th Nov 2017

As so often in life, reality doesn’t quite live up to the movies! This point was underlined on Tuesday afternoon in Las Vegas, when a masked gunman held up the poker cage at the famous Bellagio casino! Unlike the 2001 movie Ocean’s Eleven, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, in which ‘Danny Ocean’ […]

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Whale Watching in Vegas

27th Nov 2017

Where’s the best place to go whale watching? Alaska? Try land-locked Nevada – or the Las Vegas Strip to be precise. Yep, seriously. ‘Whales’, in casino lingo, are the high rollers who regularly spend many thousands, or even millions in the gaming rooms. For obvious reasons, casinos love ‘whales’ (who are, after all, big spenders […]

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Busting Slot Myths

15th Nov 2017

Slots have been with us for a long time, starting off as the clunky, mechanical ‘one armed bandits’ and progressing through whirling electro-mechanical machines, to today’s slick software-based games. In fact, there’s been well over a century for myths and misconceptions to gain traction in the popular psyche, so here we’ll examine a few. There […]

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Myths from the Strip

06th Nov 2017

Time for Some Air? In 1978, Italian-American author Mario Puzo, best known for writing The Godfather, penned the novel Fools Die. Set in a murky world of gambling, publishing and the film industry, it centres around the fictional Hotel Xanadu, Las Vegas. In the story, the casino management pumped oxygen into the gaming rooms, to […]

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Atomic Cocktails and a Bad Case of Craps

31st Oct 2017

The Gambling Capital of the World is… Ask most westerners to name the ‘gambling capital of the world’, and chances are they’ll say ‘Las Vegas.’ But, while Vegas is a major player in global gaming, the true ‘gambling capital of the world’ is the former Portuguese colony, and now Chinese ‘Special Administrative Region,’ of Macau. […]

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NEW: Planet of the Apes Slot

25th Oct 2017

Get ready to go ape at EnergyCasino, with NetEnt’s latest epic movie-based slot: Planet of the Apes! Some movies are so ingrained in our collective consciousness that they seem to exist every bit as firmly as the reality we live in, even if their storylines are very definitely ‘out there’ – and no movie franchise […]

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Casinos of the Seven Seas

06th Oct 2017

Of course, you love gaming online at EnergyCasino, but when you think of ‘real world’ casinos, what pops into your mind? The Las Vegas Strip, Monte Carlo, or maybe the mega resorts of Macau? But there’s another way to experience that incredible real-life casino atmosphere… Gambling has a long association with ships and boats, with […]

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We Stand with Las Vegas Against Terror

04th Oct 2017

On Sunday 1st October 2017, the United States suffered its worst ever mass shooting, when at least 59 people were killed and over 500 injured, many extremely seriously, at a country music festival in Las Vegas. The shooter, a wealthy American retiree named Stephen Paddock, opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay […]

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Getting More from your Blackjack Game

22nd Sep 2017

If you’re looking for a player-friendly casino game, then look no further than blackjack. With the lowest house edge, out of all the popular casino games, it can deliver plenty of thrills and wins, and you can improve your game by remembering a few points. With a house edge that can drop as low as […]

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Two Royal Spins Makes €25k + €46k

07th Sep 2017

Have you given Royal Crown, from BF Games, a spin yet? Maybe you should, because it just made one lucky EnergyCasino player substantially wealthier. Yes, that’s right, the player in question, a certain Lukasz, scooped an incredible €25,456.76 with one spin, followed shortly afterwards by an even crazier €45,701.14 with another lucky spin – all […]

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Getting the Most from Roulette

29th Aug 2017

EnergyCasino has offers an incredible selection of Live roulette games from Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming, giving an authentic real-world casino gaming experience. But, how clued up are you on the art of roulette? There are literally tens of thousands of articles out there making absurd claims about systems and strategies, but can you […]

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Winning on the way Home

22nd Aug 2017

These days getting through airports can be a, well, let’s say ‘less than pleasurable’ experience – with long security lines, tense atmospheres and delayed flights. But, for one Californian woman, her airport experience became the highlight of her trip. On Tuesday 15th August this year, a certain ‘Sandra A.’ won an incredible $1.6 million jackpot […]

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Loose Change to $11.8 Million in Seconds

16th Aug 2017

Let’s face it, these days it can be difficult to make your money grow; bank interest rates are almost nothing, the stock market is risky, forex trading is notoriously difficult, and Bitcoin can be mind-boggling for the uninitiated. But, one California man recently found a pretty good way of making his money grow very quickly […]

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The €10,000 EmotiCoins Prize Draw!

14th Aug 2017

To celebrate the release of EmotiCoins – the cheeky new emoticon-themed slot game from Quickfire, you can enter a huge €10,000 cash prize draw at EnergyCasino! How to enter You’ll get one entry ticket for the Big Cash Prize draw, plus one entry for the Small Cash Prize draw for every €10 you wager on […]

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Burning Reels is a game on fire!

09th Aug 2017

Have you ever dreamed to become a firefighter? Unfortunately, only fraction of those dreams became a reality, but Wazdan takes care of our childhood ideas and released a casino slot game titled Burning Reels. To make things clear, this game is not only for male players, as we all know that women have a thing […]

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Visit Valhalla and feast with gods!

07th Aug 2017

According to Norse mythology, Valhalla is an enormous hall located in Asgard where those who die in combat travel to battle and feast with gods. Thanks to Wazdan, you will have the chance to visit this mythological place, so prepare yourself for a unique gameplay experience! Valhalla offers 4 reels with 54 paylines. The video […]

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Wazdan rolls out astonishing Magic Target Deluxe slot!

07th Aug 2017

Leading software provider, Wazdan proudly announced the launch of its newest slot: Magic Target Deluxe. Those players who are acquainted with Wazdan’s products probably remember the first version of this colourful game. Now the well-known game appears with a completely new look offering fantastic sounds and graphics together with even more entertaining gameplay. The 5-reel […]

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Castle Builder II™: A Real Game Changer

01st Aug 2017

Over the last few years some video slots have started to blur the line between online gaming and social gamification, and Microgaming’s latest release, Castle Builder II™, pushes further than ever before. The sequel to the hugely successful Castle Builder™, it is an immersive, deeply interactive slot packed with features and boasting unheard of freedom […]

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Who Needs a Genie when You’ve Won €50K?

16th Jun 2017

Here at EnergyCasino, we’ve just witnessed another incredible life changing win! Yes, on the 13th June one of our lucky slot players rubbed the Golden Lamp and, instead of a genie appearing, almost €50,000 materialised! So, how did this tale of good fortune unfold? Well, it was all down to a maximum stake of just […]

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Too Clever & Too Naughty

14th Jun 2017

Though casinos often benefit from the publicity of high-profile celebrity clientele, there are some big names they would rather keep out. The reasons are as different as the celebrities, as you’ll see. Too Clever First off, and quite understandably, casinos aren’t keen on British illusionist Derren Brown. Anyone who’s seen any of his incredible mind-bending […]

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New Microgaming Slots at EnergyCasino

11th Jun 2017

It’s an exciting month for Microgaming fans at EnergyCasino, with two new games going live! So let’s take a look at what’s in store! First up is the brand-new Beautiful Bones – a visually rich Day of the Dead inspired treat, with reels packed full of sugar skull masked men and women! It’s a five-reel […]

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The Monte Carlo of the Orient

18th May 2017

Macau, or officially the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is a tiny, 30.5 km2 former Portuguese territory, located about 64km west of Hong Kong, across the Pearl River Delta. It’s often known as the ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient’ due to its dependency on casinos and gambling. In fact, around […]

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Life on the Ocean Waves

18th May 2017

There’s something deep within us all that’s fascinated by the sea. Maybe it’s because that’s where life began, and we all have a primal desire to crawl back into the antediluvian depths? Or maybe it’s nothing to do with the call of Cthulhu, and just because so much exciting stuff takes place on, and below, […]

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Hit the Beach with EnergyCasino

19th Apr 2017

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to dig out the swimwear, sunscreen, cooler boxes, and head to the coast. But, even if you can’t hit the beach right now, you can still add some sunshine to your life with a bunch of summery slots at EnergyCasino. We’ve got beach parties, surfing, diving, and […]

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From the Big Screen to the Slot Screen

13th Apr 2017

At EnergyCasino, you can experience some of your favourite movies and TV shows as never before, with a range of officially licensed video slots. From classics like Frankenstein, that hark back to the Golden Age of cinema, all-time blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Scarface, to contemporary hits like Game of Thrones – there’s something for […]

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Homage to the Fruit Machine

11th Apr 2017

Today’s video slots come in an incredible variety of themes and styles, to the point that some are barely recognizable as reel-based games. But, despite this, some of the most popular slots are still those that keep close to their fruit machine roots. One of the most popular fruit machine style slots at EnergyCasino is […]

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League Round Up – Weekend 7/8/9 April 2017

10th Apr 2017

After a nervy first half of the Championship match on Friday evening Brighton climbed back to the summit of the Championship, and edged closer to promotion, with a hard-fought 2-1 win at QPR.

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Castles, Knights & Magic

06th Apr 2017

There’s something charming and romantic about the medieval period – all those castles, knights and princesses in need of rescue. Of course, in reality medieval life was a hellish mix of mud, plague, starvation, and serfdom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape into the Disneyesque version of the past with a bunch of pseudo-historical […]

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To the Stars, and Beyond!

29th Mar 2017

EnergyCasino is the perfect venue for gamers with a penchant for science fiction, offering a positively stellar range of space-based slots. There’s ancient aliens visiting Egypt in Pharaohs and Aliens, cosmically inclined pork with When Pigs Fly, epic stellar voyages in Star Dust, astronaut AI in Cosmic Fortune and Alien Robots, space-based terror in Aliens, […]

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The Rise of the Machines

22nd Mar 2017

We’ve all seen the movies and read the books where machines become smarter than man, and try to take over the world – but the artificial intelligence revolution is actually starting, for real. In January 2017 something positively spine-chilling happened, when a supercomputer called Libratus thrashed an array of top poker professionals. The scene of […]

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Introducing Incredible New Live Casino Tables

20th Mar 2017

If you haven’t checked out the EnergyCasino Live Casino for a few days, you’re in for a surprise! We’ve just added over 50 new tables from Evolution Live Gaming, including 7 new Roulette, 36 new Blackjack, 5 new Baccarat, and 1 new Casino Hold’Em tables, plus 7 new native language roulette tables, consisting of Swedish, […]

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Affleck the Big Tipper

17th Mar 2017

One of Hollywood’s true A-listers, Ben Affleck has starred in, directed, and produced, some of the biggest movies of recent times. From Goodwill Hunting and Argo, to Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck has had a hugely successful movie career, but he’s also known for his charity work and, yes, you’ve […]

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The Phenomenal Michael Jordan

13th Mar 2017

Ask anyone to name the top basketball player of all time, and there’s a good chance they’ll say Michael Jordan, or ‘MJ’. After all, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, has been so much more than just a basketball player – he’s an entertainer and brand in his own right. On the court, he won five Most Valuable […]

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NetEnt Nails it Again

08th Mar 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for slots so far, with three huge new games from NetEnt. January saw the release of Divine Fortune, a lavishly produced ancient Greek myth themed adventure, and then February witnessed a super fun comic style western in the form of Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist, before Joker […]

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Poker Playin’, Trash Talkin’

07th Mar 2017

“We’re still rockin’, in Wisconsin, we’re all alright, we’re all alright, yea!” Yes, it’s the cult classic American sit com, set in the 70’s, which launched Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher to stardom! That 70’s Show, set in the fictional Wisconsin town of Point Place between 1976 and 1979, is one of those […]

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American Pie & Poker

28th Feb 2017

Every guy (and no doubt, many girls) of a certain age will clearly remember that scene in the classic teen movie American Pie. Of course, I’m referring to the scene where the beautiful European exchange student visits Jim’s bedroom for a ‘study’ session. Well, we all know not much studying happened, and Jim’s ‘little problem’ […]

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Poker Queen of the Wild West

27th Feb 2017

The heady world of gambling has produced more than a few notable female stars, one of whom went by a multitude of names in her time; Charlotte Tompkins, Charlotte Thurmond, Mystic Maud, “The Angel of San Antonio”, and “Queen of the Pasteboards.” Of course, none of those were her real name, which is thought to […]

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2017’s First High Rolling Winner

16th Jan 2017

It may be early in the year, but EnergyCasino has already created 2017’s first huge winner! In the latest EnergyCasino high roller winner epic, one of our VIP players, hailing from Hungary, embarked on a playing spree (3rd- 9th Jan.) that saw them sample many of our top video slots. Games played ranged from Jimi […]

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EnergyCasino adds Merkur Slots

02nd Nov 2016

The EnergyCasino team are proud to announce that a deal has been signed with edict egaming GmbH, to provide Merkur titles to their already impressive range of video slots. Edict is the world exclusive supplier of Merkur games to the online gambling industry.

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High Rolling Heist Down Under

14th Oct 2016

In 2013 Melbourne, Australia, was rocked by one of the biggest heists in casino history, when some bloody clever crooks managed to pilfer a whopping $32 million. Now, true, that’s Aussie Dollars, but it’d still enough to get a “struth” out of Rupert Murdoch!   Now this wasn’t some half-baked plan thought up over a […]

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Gambling Genius or Fake Fraudster?

14th Oct 2016

You know those people whose lives are like far-fetched movies, the ones who seem to attract drama and lurch from one unlikely event to another? Well, you’ll find few better examples than a certain Mr Charles Wells. Famous for breaking the bank at the Monte Carlo Casino, way back in 1891, his life was rather […]

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Never Go Full Retard – the 2012 Bellagio ‘Heist’

14th Oct 2016

Think of Vegas casino heists and you’ll probably think of Ocean’s Eleven; suave charmers, slick suits, smooth operators, that kind of thing. You probably wouldn’t think of a borderline retarded simpleton, from a sleepy California desert town, and two imaginary accomplices who ‘met’ on Craigslist, and hit the Las Vegas strip armed with nothing more […]

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Another Huge Jackpot Win

19th Sep 2016

Sometimes a single spin can change everything! What started out as an ordinary day for Michał, a thirty-one year old Pole living in the Netherlands, ended up being anything but ordinary. With just a tiny €1 bet on the progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah, at EnergyCasino, he landed an insane €70478! Yes, that’s right, €1 […]

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Now That’s How to Start the Month!

16th Sep 2016

Most of us look forward to the start of a new month because we’ve just had our wages paid, but it’s never enough is it. What would be great is to have a huge fat wad of cash just fall into our laps to see us through the month ahead in style, right? That is […]

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€99,000 in One Evening

16th Sep 2016

Gzira, Malta – EnergyCasino has created yet another massive winner, with a player winning almost €99,000 in half-a-day. On Monday 8th August 2016 a Polish player, named Jack, won almost €99,000 playing the slot game Twin Spin from afternoon through to the evening. With just one particularly lucky spin Jack turned €50 into €31,000 – […]

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Player wins big again and again

02nd Sep 2016

Gzira, Malta – An EnergyCasino player has had another huge win just weeks after a previous big win.

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