The 2019 EnergyGirls Official Calendar is Astonishing!

20th Dec 2018


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Dive straight into the EnergyGirls’ world to enjoy impeccable pictures and special monthly bonuses.

What happens when you invite the Slavic beauties Ashley, Zuzanna, Monika and Aleksandra for a photo shoot? The result is the 7th Edition of the EnergyGirls Calendar, packed with hot pictures of a night out in the city and many special EnergyCasino bonuses for you.



‘It’s only at night we reveal our true selves my dears’, said Ashley before dashing to the sleek black limo and leaving everyone behind with nothing more than her beautiful and innocent smile.

With the joyful atmosphere of friendship and blissful happiness, our photographer captured the dazzling pictures we proudly present to you in this edition. Once you hold your own copy of the 2019 EnergyGirls Calendar, you’ll suddenly realise this is more than a night out in the city, it’s a bold statement that freedom is the fuel of life and without it, we can never truly be ourselves.

The gorgeous girls are here to remind us that we only live once and boredom is never an option. Every page brings a different set of emotions with a familiar blissful feeling of the first party you had with your best friends – that’s what we wanted to capture and that’s what we want you to feel: young, powerful, and free with every page.


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