Three Goals In Nine Minutes Kill Off Dispirited Orient

Another horror show from Leyton Orient saw them killed off just after the half hour mark and condemn them to their 4th large defeat on the trot after losing 3-0 to Crawley Town down in Sussex.

Crawley themselves were on an abysmal run having not won for six games but they played with a tight line at the back and held onto the ball something that Orient found extremely difficult to do. Continue reading “Three Goals In Nine Minutes Kill Off Dispirited Orient”

To the Stars, and Beyond!

EnergyCasino is the perfect venue for gamers with a penchant for science fiction, offering a positively stellar range of space-based slots. There’s ancient aliens visiting Egypt in Pharaohs and Aliens, cosmically inclined pork with When Pigs Fly, epic stellar voyages in Star Dust, astronaut AI in Cosmic Fortune and Alien Robots, space-based terror in Aliens, B-movie style ET invasions in Cosmic Invaders, epic drama in Supernova, Scattered Skies, Shooting Stars, and Star Fortune, and classic spacefaring sci-fi with Battlestar Galactica!

Let’s take a closer look at a few, starting with the iconic extra-terrestrial horror; Aliens Video Slot, from NetEnt. Officially licensed from 20th Century Fox, and featuring an authentic cinematic introduction, this game captures all of the H.R. Giger-inspired atmosphere that made the movie franchise such a phenomenal success. Play through three levels – The Search, The Encounter, and The Hive – and get up close and personal with the Facehugger, full-grown aliens, and the queen. With unnerving sounds, this game looks like it was developed by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation rather than NetEnt!

On a lighter note, When Pigs Fly, again from NetEnt, has retro 1960’s Hanna-Barbera style visuals (think Jetsons), and a suitably offbeat reel layout. Packed with features, including a Free Spins countdown, this slot has hours of entertainment value – just be careful not to turn the astronauts to bacon, because their rocket could just as easily become an airborne barbeque.

Now, we’ve long suspected that the Great Pyramids at Giza weren’t built by an army of slaves using copper chisels and wooden rollers, and it seems the guys at BF Games concur. Pharaohs and Aliens, suggests an alternative Ancient Aliens type theory, complete with flying saucers, extra-terrestrials and the dog god Anubis. It’s a nicely produced slot that hits on a very pertinent subject, as science keeps discovering more and more inconsistencies with the established views of Egyptologists, and evidence suggests that the great pyramids and original sphinx are much older than we’ve been led to believe.

If you fancy an inspiration voyage through the cosmos, you should try Shooting Stars by GreenTube (Novomatic), with its stunning spiral galaxies, red dwarfs, ringed planets, and quasars. Or, if you’re looking to find riches at the frontiers of the known universe, take a spin on Star Fortune, from BF Games, and mine precious crystals and minerals on asteroids and comets.

There’s a whole universe of space and science fiction themed slots at EnergyCasino, and whether you’re looking to scare the bejesus out of yourself in a late night gaming session, chill with some retro cartoon fun, or lose yourself as you float serenely through the cosmos, they’ve got you covered.

Leyton Orient Stadium

Leyton Orient’s stadium is known officially these days as the Matchroom Stadium thanks in part to Barry Hearn. The O’s home ground is known to most fans as Brisbane Road though as it kept this name for almost seventy years. It was renamed as the Matchroom Stadium after former club chairman Barry Hearn‘s sports Promotion Company. As many people are aware Matchroom is the name for his stable of high profile snooker players. Hearn became chairman in 1995 after the club was put on sale for £5 by then-chairman Tony Wood, a period covered by the television documentary Orient: Club for a Fiver, made by production company Open Media for Channel 4 and well worth a look if you can find it. In 2014, Hearn sold the club to Italian businessman Francesco Becchetti who is the current chairman. This is Becchetti’s third year in the job as he sees his first team lie 23rd in League Division Two, one of the lowest points in the club’s history with the club struggling to keep league status. Continue reading “Leyton Orient Stadium”

The Rise of the Machines

We’ve all seen the movies and read the books where machines become smarter than man, and try to take over the world – but the artificial intelligence revolution is actually starting, for real. In January 2017 something positively spine-chilling happened, when a supercomputer called Libratus thrashed an array of top poker professionals.

The scene of the potentially epoch launching poker tournament was Pennsylvania, and the human challengers were Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAulay, and Jimmy Chou. 120,000 hands were played over 20 days, and the organisers went to great lengths to remove any effect of card luck. The human players were split into two sub-teams of two players each, with one team playing in a regular room, and the other in an electronics-free room referred to as ‘The Dungeon.’ Both teams got the same sequence of cards, with the team in ‘The Dungeon’ getting the cards that the computer got in the regular room, and vice versa.

So, what happened? Well, Libratus led from the get-go. The human players were totally out-classed in every aspect, with Dong Kim saying “I didn’t realize how good it was until today. I felt like I was playing against someone who was cheating, like it could see my cards. I’m not accusing it of cheating. It was just that good.” By the 16th day, the machine had smashed the $1,000,000 mark, and by the end of that that, was ahead by a tidy $1,194,402 worth of chips. When the tournament ended, the computer was leading by $1,766,250 worth of chips. For the matches there had been a big blind of $100, which means the computer’s win rate was 14.7 big blinds per 100 hands!

At the end of the tournament Libratus even went as far as setting up its own Twitter account and Tweeting: “Have no fear. At Carnegie Mellon Poker, we keep player funds segregated. There’s money that’s ours. And money that will eventually be ours.” There was, however, some consolation for the downtrodden humans, because they got to share the prize money of $200,000 between them – Libratus getting zilch. Which was probably just as well, because we can imagine it using any winnings as the seed funds to set-up a robot production line and, well, you can see where that might go – Skynet anyone?

Enjoy your poker now, before the machines take over…

Claret And Blues Give Athletic The Blues

Aston Villa pulled another rabbit out of the bag as they defied both the weather and a determined Wigan Athletic at the DW stadium to snatch the match by two goals to nil.

It wasn’t pretty for the Villa fans but this was their 5th win in 6 matches although the majority of those have been against lowly opposition. Continue reading “Claret And Blues Give Athletic The Blues”

Rovers Score 4 And Inflict Another Defeat On The O’s

A dishevelled Orient were hammered by 4 goals to one against a Doncaster Rovers team with more ambition, more strength and above all more heart than the Londoners could muster in a month of Sundays.

Ok, it was never going to be easy, top were playing bottom but while Doncaster Rovers will almost certainly be playing League One football next season this was yet another nail in the coffin for Leyton Orient’s chances of survival in the league. Continue reading “Rovers Score 4 And Inflict Another Defeat On The O’s”

Introducing Incredible New Live Casino Tables

If you haven’t checked out the EnergyCasino Live Casino for a few days, you’re in for a surprise! We’ve just added over 50 new tables from Evolution Live Gaming, including 7 new Roulette, 36 new Blackjack, 5 new Baccarat, and 1 new Casino Hold’Em tables, plus 7 new native language roulette tables, consisting of Swedish, English, German, Flemish, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish.

The new Evolution Gaming tables available at EnergyCasino include standard Roulette, Immersive Roulette, French Roulette Gold, Benelux Slingshot, Blackjack Party, Blackjack Fortune VIP, Blackjack Grand VIP, Blackjack Platinum VIP, Blackjack Diamond VIP, Baccarat, Punto Banco, Baccarat Squeeze, Casino Hold’Em, and many more – so you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

With incredible production values, a sophisticated playing environment, and glamorous professional live dealers, the Evolution Gaming tables have taken our Live Casino to an entirely different level, and we’re sure you’ll agree that EnergyCasino is no longer just a world-beating venue for slots, but also for live gaming.

Initially the Evolution Gaming tables will only be available to our UK players, though we will be rolling them out to other markets in the near future. So, if you’re in the UK, check out our new, improved Live Casino offering today, and if you’re elsewhere, hang on tight and watch this space.

Affleck the Big Tipper

One of Hollywood’s true A-listers, Ben Affleck has starred in, directed, and produced, some of the biggest movies of recent times. From Goodwill Hunting and Argo, to Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck has had a hugely successful movie career, but he’s also known for his charity work and, yes, you’ve guessed it; his gambling!

In fact, before starring in the 2013 poker crime thriller Runner Runner, Affleck was frequently seen in top Vegas casinos, and enjoyed some impressive wins. But Affleck was no newbie to poker, having enlisted the services of poker professionals Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke, to tutor him in the early 2000’s – and having already won the 2004 California State Poker Championship, scooping a rather tidy $356,400 in the process.

But Affleck’s gaming skills aren’t limited to poker it seems. In 2014 he was playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, so well that he was asked to ‘refrain from playing.’ The casino suspected him of counting cards, which though perfectly legal, is obviously frowned upon by the house!

In just two trips to a single casino, Affleck is reported to have won over $1 million playing ’21,’ but this Hollywood megastar is no detached elitist. According to the New York Post, after one sitting when he won $140,000 whilst playing with fellow A-lister Matt Damon, he gave away every single chip as tips to his dealers, waitresses, door boys and other staff.

In another incredible win, a year later, Affleck is said to have won an astonishing $800,000, playing three simultaneous $20,000 hands – now that takes some nerve! So, Affleck has certainly earned his place among the top professional players, but it’s good to see he still likes nothing better than hanging out in Beverly Hills cigar bars, playing poker with his buddy’s like Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tobey Maguire – and it seems that he’s nothing if not generous with his winnings.

Now that’s how to play with style!

Orient Lose To Superior Grimsby Team

Following last weeks hammering 4-0 of Newport County put a few smiles back onto the Leyton Orient fans faces it all went wrong yet again at home against Grimsby Town.

Another home defeat, this time 3-0 saw them look ever more over their shoulder at going out of the football league for the first time in Leyton Orient’s history. Continue reading “Orient Lose To Superior Grimsby Team”

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