A word from the boss


As partners of Leyton Orient we caught up with Head Coach Justin Edinburgh ahead of the upcoming football this Summer.

Justin gave great insight throughout the time spent with him and may well have put you in the right direction as to who is going to lift the World Cup trophy in July.

Back Justin’s tip for Brazil to win the World Cup here.

Onto England’s chances, Justin gave a top assessment of how the young Lions could get on this Summer.

Back Justin’s top tip on England stage of elimination to be at  Quarter Final stage here.

Make sure you watch all the video as you will hear the Leyton Orient Head Coach’s World Cup memories, and his view as to who will shine at this years tournament.

Back Justin’s top tips for who will be the Top Goalscorer in the Tournament here.

Chat with Dean Brill & George Elokobi


We spent quality time with Leyton Orient Goalkeeper Dean Brill and the heart beat of the dressing room George Elokobi.

First up was testing their football knowledge and it was tough going early on for Dean as George moved into a comfortable lead.

Then Dean got some momentum and drew level with George who took his feet of the gas.

But as it came to the to the key question to determine the winner…. check out who delivered the knock out blow.


After the lads recovered from their minds being frazzled during the quiz, they could relax and share their expert views on Football.

Dean and George have differing views as to who their feel will win the World Cup.

Which country do you think will come out on top?  Back them here.

Onto the surprise package and George has a strong view as to who he believes will cause shock waves through the world and take the plaudits.

Back  Nigeria to be the Top African team at the Tournament here.

With George being a defensive leader, he gives his view on Englands starting back line and both of them share how they think the team can get on in Russia.

Finally, they both share their world cup memories which is great watch.


Jobi Mcanuff and David Mooney talk football


We caught up with Leyton Orient’s experienced duo of Jobi Mcanuff & David Mooney to test their football knowledge in a quick fire quiz and then get their views on the football this Summer.

Jobi and David have pretty good knowledge of international football and both answered some tough questions well.

As it gets closer to the finishing line they both hold their nerve as we head to a tie breaker to decide the winner.

Watch here and test your knowledge and find out who won?

Onto this Summer’s tournament and both the lads delivered great opinions as to who will come out on top.

Jobi gave an insight into some of the lesser known nations who will be playing in the Tournament and how England could get on during the Tournament.

Both also gave their views on who the star men of the Tournament are likely to be so be sure to check out the video &  if you fancy following their opinions, bet on the football here.


Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos out there, all trying to persuade you to play with them. However, among the legitimate and trustworthy casinos like EnergyCasino, are some rather dodgy operations – so we will run through some things to consider when choosing a casino.

Look for a Good License

Many countries and regions around the world offer online casinos and sportsbook licenses to companies, and you will normally find the licensing information of a particular casino on their home page – at EnergyCasino, it is displayed at the bottom of the site, along with clickable links providing more information.

If a casino has a license from a reputable jurisdiction, like the United Kingdom, Malta, Isle of Man, Alderney, or Gibraltar, you can be sure that it is complying with the most stringent standards of fairness, transparency, and financial prudence. For example, being licensed in Malta, casinos are required to keep company and player funds in separate ring-fenced accounts – meaning that even if a casino fails, player deposits will still be safe.

If a casino has more than one license, as in the case of EnergyCasino – which boasts both UK and Malta licenses – it is even better! Be wary of casinos operating on licenses from obscure regions, or those with less stringent standards. If a casino displays no checkable license at all, then avoid them.

Choose a Secure Site

All legitimate casinos, again like EnergyCasino, will use sites employing HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). In a nutshell, this means that when you visit such a site, your browser will check that it has a valid HTTPS certificate, and only proceed if it is secure and confidential, because it uses either SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), or TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption technology. This is the same technology that businesses like banks use.

You can tell if the site is secure, because the address bar will read ‘https’ at the beginning, and in browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, there will be a small padlock symbol and green text. If you do not see this, then do not sign-up to that casino!

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many payment services available, ranging from familiar credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, to dedicated online money transfer services and eWallets like Skrill and Neteller. To be able to offer specific services, casinos must meet the requirements of those services. Basically, the more recognisable financial options a casino offers, the better. For example, EnergyCasino accepts Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, Yandex, PaySafeCard, Zimpler, Moneta.ru, EPS, Euteller, Trustly, iDeal, Klarna, Entropay, TSI, Multibanco, and bank transfers (specific options available will depend on your location). If you find a casino that only accepts one or two methods, then you should avoid it.

Another major thing to look for is withdrawal limits. Good casinos should allow you to withdraw sizable amounts every day – after all, if you win big, it should be your money, right? Well, unfortunately, too many online casinos have ridiculously low withdrawal limits buried in the small print. Imagine, winning big, and then the casino ‘holding your money hostage!’ The best thing to do is check before you sign-up, and only play at casinos that are reasonable. EnergyCasino again sets a great example, allowing players to withdraw a massive €5,000 daily!

Easily Reachable Support

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Summing Up

Whenever you spend money online, it is a good idea to check the business out first – and this is critically important when it comes to casinos. With so many reputable casinos online, there is simply no need to take risks – choose a casino like EnergyCasino, and you can relax and enjoy the gaming, with the knowledge that your personal data and money is safe, and when you win, you will get the rewards without any hassles.

What the Heck? Slots

Every now and then, a slot comes along which makes you ask, “what the heck  were they thinking?” From the cheesy to the bizarre, here’s a rundown of some of some of the most cringeworthy video slots of all time!


Now, I appreciate “The Hoff” as much as any non-German can, and the exceptional contribution he’s made to the thespian world, and his fine performances in such high-brow productions as Knight Rider, Baywatch and Piranha 3DD, must be recognised. But, nothing can make the Hoffmania™ slot seem un-cringy. Perhaps it’s the scarily 80’s style graphics or golden Hoff Oscar-style statuettes, that push it over the edge? I have the suspicion that KARR is still trying to destroy KITT and Michael Knight, and infiltrated GreenTube at some point around 2013.


We can only thank our lucky stars that the Sharknado slot is, as far as I know, confined to a few land-based casinos. As I’ve warned my sister many times to no avail: once you start appreciating any of the Sharknado movies (and god only knows how they’ve managed to get funding to make 6– that’s right, another hits the screens in August this year), you are well and truly lost.

Planet Exotica

I get the feeling someone in the Roxy Palace development team has a bit of thing for certain parts of Total Recall – because why else would alien strippers jump into anyone’s mind? What’s that? Someone just said there’s a whole alien category at PornHub… what the? Ah, anyway, if you had strange stirrings in your pants during Avatar, this is probably going to be right up your street, but for 99.99% of people this is probably one that will make you feel weird in a bad way.

The Best New York Food

So, I love plucky little start-up studio BF Games. They’ve created some of my favourite slots of the past year, with atmospheric masterpieces like Dark Carnivale, Pagoda of Fortune and Mad Men and Nuclear War. But, one game makes this list simply because its name is just so awkward sounding. “The Best New York Food” – don’t get me wrong, the actual slot is well worth playing, but that name?!

You Lucky Bastard

It seems someone at Microgaming, the bright sparks behind this little gem, may have seen the light and turned it off, because I can’t find it live anywhere. Mind you, that should come as no real surprise, seen as though this potty mouthed game’s selling point was that it verbally abused you. But is it weird that I still really want to play it?

Judge Judy

As if daytime TV wasn’t already like some creeping wall of boredom induced death, the cretins at IGT Gaming only went and made a flipping slot out of Judge Judy! Yes, if you like pretending its in any way healthy to watch the slow-motion train wreck of western civilization’s sense of law, order and justice, then this is for you. IGT Gaming, you are found guilty of unforgivably bad taste.

Bible Slots

Some things are so wrong that my fingers protest at typing them. This is one of those moments. Yes, it’s true, a whole series of biblical themed online slots exist, with Christian gamers being able to choose from Joseph the Dreamer, End of Days, Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark, and the Christmas Story. Now, personally I’m not religious, but even I’d feel a bit iffy playing these – maybe it’s one of Satan’s tests?

If you’ve got to the end of this without searching for the Knight Rider theme tune on YouTube, then you’re probably safe, but for everyone else you can experience Hoffmania™ for yourself, right now, at EnergyCasino (and don’t forget to check out the The Best New York Food too – just ignore the name). But, for your own sanity, do not try to track down a Sharknado slot machine!

Champions League Final

Real Madrid are in search of a third Champions League Final win in a row and a record breaking 13th win in Europe’s top competition. For Liverpool, it’s a chance to make it a 6th win and first under Jurgen Klopp.

For 90 minute betting on the big match, a £20 on Real Madrid to win returns £45 and £20 on Liverpool to win nets £60

Let’s look at special markets to find some value bets.

Liverpool have scored 40 goals in the Champions League this season and with fire power of Salah, Mane and Firmino it’s 5/1 (6.0) that Liverpool win the match and over 3.5 goals in the match.

With Real Madrid’s players already used to the Final stage and Ronaldo ready to shine again, we have a price of 23/10 (3.30) that Real Madrid win and both teams to score in the match

With over 150+ pre-match markets on offer and plenty of live odds available, enjoy betting with Energybet.

Good luck with your bets.

Check the odds!

odds subject to change

The Dawn of Skill-Based Gaming

The Random Slot Rules

Right now, in 2018, the bread and butter of most casinos, online or offline, is still the good old slot. Okay, sure, they have come a long way, with many featuring slick video game quality graphics, immersive sound, and more bonus features than you can shake a stick at – but, at heart, they are still based on randomness.

Yep, though some would love to believe otherwise, every single spin is completely random. As much fun as they are, and no matter how many bells and whistles they have, there is absolutely no skill involved. Of course, this is one of the main attractions for many – the thrill of placing success in the hands of chance, and chance alone.

Video Games and Poker

But, in a world saturated with increasingly complex forms of entertainment, with millennials who have grown up with their brains constantly engaged by interactive, skill-based video games, there is a hunger for more.

Of course, the grand-daddy of skill-based casino games is poker, and this was also one of the first games the internet embraced. But, in recent years, poker has become more than just a game. Now, poker is a lifestyle for many, with a massive presence on social media, and its own celebrities like Instagram poker player and adventurer Dan Bilzerian and his 23 million + followers.

Undoubtably, the element of proving one’s own prowess and skill over competitors is the big draw – taking on the qualities of a true sport.

Online Casinos Respond

Unfortunately, for casinos, the myriad of strict advertising rules and regulations surrounding gambling, has stymied the take-up on skill-based games – after all, how can you market products that genuinely do rely on at least an element of skill, when confined by an environment that does not allow marketing to highlight this?

But, as online casinos have grown in popularity almost exponentially over the last five years or so, the organic demand for skill-based games and elements has emerged anyway. Online casinos the world over, now have sizable player bases made up of video game raised millennials, who respect poker masters, and have very low boredom thresholds.

Now, realising they need to do something to tap into this desire for skill-based games, online casinos are responding by focusing on upgrading their poker ranges. The most immediately obvious to any player will be the rise of sophisticated live dealer poker games. Take, for example the stunning live poker games from Evolution Gaming, with Three Cards Poker, Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Casino Hold’Em now available to enjoy at EnergyCasino.

Skill-Based Slots Hit the Vegas Strip

But the synthesis of skill and chance is not stopping there. In 2017 Scientific Games launched an officially licensed slot based on the original Space Invaders, that incorporates the original arcade game as a bonus element. Meanwhile, also in 2017, Gamblit Gaming introduced six skill-based games to Las Vegas casinos, including zombie shooter Into the Dead and Catapult King – both originally non-gambling smartphone games.

Of course, this handful of skill-based slots are just the tip of the iceberg and, so far, have only been seen in land-based casinos in Las Vegas. But, this looks set to change, with online casinos eagerly awaiting a chance to test the waters with skill-based slots.

Watch this space.


Millwall Entertain Villa In Final Championship Game

Millwall will finish the season at the New Den on Sunday as they take on Aston Villa knowing they are have little or no chance of making the play offs in the last round of games in the Championship. With Aston Villa already guaranteed their play off spot Millwall will need to win huge to allow the south Londoners in with any chance of making the play off semi finals and hope the teams around them fail dismally.

Kick off is yet another strange time as the Lions find themselves in one of the early Sunday games. All teams have to play their last matches at the same time to ensure the playing field is equal for all teams and there are no advantages. So all the afternoon group of matches will kick off at 1.30pm UK time (2.30pm CET and Malta time).

For all Millwall’s great football and results in 2018 they failed at the last hurdle last weekend when playing their play off rivals Middlesbrough they were soundly beaten 2-0 in a match sadly that saw a number of crowd disturbances.

Having lost to a clinical Fulham ended Millwall’s 17 game unbeaten Championship league run to dent the Lions’ Championship play off bid the previous week Middlesbrough were on hand to put the final nail in the coffin of Millwall’s fragile hopes of providing an extraordinary season for the Lions. Millwall if truth be told never really got going in the match as the home team attacked with patience and a decent formation. As Millwall will look back at picking up one point only from their last 3 games it mustn’t be forgotten that the turnaround in the teams fortunes from the end of December 2017 has been outstanding.

The visitors from the capitol knew that nothing less than a victory against the 5th placed team would do but Millwall were strangely tame. Like a spud gun that ran out of potatoes. The excellent Britt Assombalonga showed good composure to fire the hosts in front before the break and then Millwall were at sixes and sevens as a defensive cock up between Lions goalkeeper Jordan Archer and defender Jake Cooper allowed Jonny Howson to easily slot in a second.

Defeat means Millwall’s top six hopes now rely on them beating Aston Villa by a cricket score and Preston not winning and Derby being defeated by a pretty heavy margin. Let’s face it, it’s been a brilliant season in retrospect for the Lions but they are not going to make the play offs.

Unfortunately the game was marred at full time when dozens of home supporters ran onto the pitch and started goading Millwall fans in the away end. Plastic bottles were thrown by both sets of fans as stewards tried to avoid confrontation and it took about 10 minutes for police to restore order as the two groups tried to get at each other.

Sunday’s fixtures for the two teams is almost irrelevant for both teams with Millwall out of play off contention and the Midlanders Villa already sure of a secured 4th spot and a potential match most probably against Middlesbrough who are 3 points clear of Derby County and with a better goal difference in 5th.

So although In the corresponding Millwall v Aston Villa game up in the Midlands on the 9th of December Millwall grabbed a decent point off Steve Bruce’s men in a less than entertaining 0-0 draw Millwall produced a lot of bottle and put in the hard work.

On Saturday, Cardiff’s win at Hull ended Villa’s hopes of automatic promotion but Lewis Grabban fired in from close range with 6 minutes to play to earn Villa a point. It will remain to be seen if Bruce rests players ahead of the forthcoming play off confrontations which it is likely he will to avoid injuries so Millwall could be set up for a victory here.

If you fancy a punt on Millwall for the final game of the campaign then you can have a wager at this link.

With Millwall great with their early goals a £20 bet on a Millwall to lead at half time and win the game at 3.25 brings in possible winnings of £65.

Another intriguing wager is less than two goals in the game at odds of 2.60 so if you place £15 you can possibly win £39.00.


The team behind EnergyCasino and EnergyBet bring you the latest gaming, betting and sports news. Insider information, expert commentary and exclusive offers all in one place. Make sure you don’t miss a thing.