8 April 2020

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, aka CS:GO, is a highly-skilled, competitive online multiplayer first-person shooter, developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth iteration of the highly successful Counter-Strike series and remains one of the most popular first-person shooters around. 

CS:GO Game Modes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a competitive first-person shooter that splits players into two teams; Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. There are two main game modes which determine the main objective of each match: Defuse and Hostage Rescue. 


Considered the main playstyle, the Defuse game type is used in most competitive CS:GO live esports events. Players are divided into teams of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, each with particular objectives to secure the round win. The Terrorist team starts with a bomb that can be planted in two different defined locations around the map area. The Counter-Terrorists, who begin the round closer to the bomb sites, must defend the positions and ensure the bomb is not detonated. Each team may win the round by eliminating each member of the opposing team, or detonating or defusing the bomb accordingly. Should the round run out of time, the Counter-Terrorists are deemed the winners.   

Hostage Rescue 

Like the Defuse game mode, players are divided into teams of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, each with objectives to secure the round win. Terrorists start the round with two hostages, which the Counter-Terrorists must reach, rescue and return to the start zone. Counter-Terrorists need only save one hostage to win the round; each team can also be deemed the victor by eliminating each member of the opposing team. Unlike Defuse, however, should the time run out, Terrorists will be awarded the round win. 

Each of these game modes can be played casually or competitively, with a variety of settings, such as the number of players in the lobby, the number of rounds required to win, the overall matched skill rating, and the addition of friendly fire.

CS:GO Gameplay

Competitively, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is played five versus five, with the team who manages to win 16 rounds first, deemed the victor of the match. CS:GO teams enter the game as Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists for 15 rounds, before switching to the other side, giving both teams the opportunity to perform both roles. Players are rewarded with money to buy better weapons and items after every round, with the amount dependent on both the individual score of the player and team score. The individual score rating is based on how well the player performs in regard to kills, objectives secured, and whether their team wins or loses.

Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are relatively similar, with the main differences being the objectives they need to perform and some differentiation in the weapons selection page. While they mostly share the same guns, Terrorists have access to more powerful and slightly cheaper weapons, whilst Counter-Terrorists weapons are a bit more accurate. 

The main goal of CS:GO is to complete your team objective round after round, in order to win the match. The most successful teams tend to implement strategic tactics and elaborate strategies to gain advantages over their competition. The best players have spent a long time mastering every aspect of the game, from knowing the maps inside out to having deadly aim with their curser. 

CS:GO Betting

Since its release back in 2012, CS:GO has successfully been the most played first-person shooter in the world, boasting sales of over 25 million copies. Given this immense global popularity, it is not surprising that the game has built a huge fan base of established and new players. 

With frequent tournaments throughout the year and reward pools in the millions, coverage of this esport is immense, with incredible amounts of viewers tuning in to watch their favourite teams compete. 

As the world deals with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, many live sporting events have been cancelled or postponed, leading many sports fans to turn their attention to massive, and fiercely competitive, esports such as CS:GO. Unlike traditional sports, esports have the advantage of being able to be played from the comfort of a home setting. This has allowed competitive play and events to continue, all of which can be found at EnergyBet

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