Busting Slot Myths

15 November 2017

Slots have been with us for a long time, starting off as the clunky, mechanical ‘one armed bandits’ and progressing through whirling electro-mechanical machines, to today’s slick software-based games. In fact, there’s been well over a century for myths and misconceptions to gain traction in the popular psyche, so here we’ll examine a few.

There are no casino slot control rooms

First up, let’s look at the iconic land based casinos of the Las Vegas Strip. Many people assume there’s some hidden control room, equipped with banks of CCTV screens, where operators monitor players’ gaming sessions, and adjust the slot machines ‘on the fly.’ Whilst it’s easy to see why people may think this, it has no basis in reality. The only control rooms equipped with CCTV screens, that you’re going to find in casinos are concerned with security and to prevent cheating on the game tables. Every single slot machine on the floor is operating independently, according to its programming.

Though it is conceivable that any computer based machine could be altered or hacked, in reality, this would be illegal, complex and prohibitively time consuming. Of course, if you went back to the days of the first mechanical machines, and before effective regulation, we’re sure you’d find some unscrupulous operators tinkering with their machines from time-to-time!

No system can predict them

Next, let’s consider ‘winning’ systems. There are plenty of people who insist on spending their time studying the behaviour of slot machines, in the hope of identifying patterns that will enable them to predict wins and pay-outs. You’ll find these characters hanging around at any casino – hurriedly jumping into freshly vacated seats, when they feel a big win is due. But, the truth is that today’s slots run using software that generates truly random results. And, since every single result is random, specific to the exact moment it was generated – and, we’re talking milliseconds here – there is simply no way to predict a win.

Again, in the past, when mechanical machines, that generated far fewer outcomes and could be influenced by the physical properties of the machine itself, it may theoretically at least, have been possible to study a particular slot and identify some pattern, but those days are long gone.

Online slots are truly random

Which brings us along nicely to the world of online slots, like those at EnergyCasino. New players often worry about the fairness of slots – which is understandable given the fact that most online casinos are based hundreds, if not thousands of miles, from the individual players. But, in truth, the online casino industry is increasingly well regulated and its very easy to check the reputation of online casinos.

By choosing a casino with good feedback, that is licensed in a reputable jurisdiction (like Malta or the UK for example), that offers games from quality gaming studios like NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, GreenTube, Wazdan, BF Games and similar, you can be sure that every single spin is an independent, completely random event. Many people assume the casinos have the ability to alter the games, to pay out less or more, but the truth is, that there is no way for the casinos to alter the games – they are run from the game operator’s side, hardcoded and independently tested and certified.

So, though you will still find many online ‘experts’ claiming its possible to predict the outcomes of slots, using their own hyper-complex systems (and often trying to sell them to you), and you’ll still bump into individuals who are convinced that modern video slots are rigged by online casinos, the reality is that contemporary slot games are truly random and reputable casinos do not (and couldn’t even if they wanted to) tamper with them. You can enjoy playing slots at places like EnergyCasino, with complete peace of mind, knowing that you really are enjoying the thrill provided by pure chance.


Get the most from slots

But, all of this doesn’t mean you can’t make decisions to get the most from your slot play. For example, not all slot games have the same pay-out rate – they can vary considerably. Do a bit of research, read the information provided with each game, and try different titles, and you’ll notice there high-variance and low-variance games, or games that are designed to give more frequent lower value wins, and those that are designed to tend towards fewer, high-value wins. Of course, each spin is still a truly random event, but it does mean you can choose games based on your preferred style of play.

Then there are bonuses and free spins. By making sure you’re signed-up to EnergyCasino’s newsletter, and by checking your account inbox regularly, you’ll know about every offer and promotion, giving you the chance to get the best possible value and maximise your play.

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