From the Big Screen to the Slot Screen

13 April 2017

At EnergyCasino, you can experience some of your favourite movies and TV shows as never before, with a range of officially licensed video slots. From classics like Frankenstein, that hark back to the Golden Age of cinema, all-time blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Scarface, to contemporary hits like Game of Thrones – there’s something for everyone.
Let’s start with the television phenomena that is Game of Thrones. Two versions of Microgaming’s stunning slot adaptation of the biggest TV show of recent times are available; 243 Ways and 15 Lines. Full of authentic GOT imagery, this game is an absolute must for any of the millions of fans out there. In the Free Spins feature, you’ll get to choose from the four main houses of Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, or Targarye – each of which has its own number of Free Spins, a different multiplier, and a different number of stacked symbols. Whether you’re a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, or just watch it for the… er… ‘scenery’, you’ve got to try it.

Can you believe that the original Jurassic Park movie came out way back in 1993?! With its incredible animatronics and CGI effects, it was one of Steven Spielberg’s landmark movies, and changed cinema forever. Again, Microgaming have created a fully immersive experience, visually true to the original. Symbols include animated T-Rex, raptors, triceratops and other dinosaurs, in addition to human characters like Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie (Laura Dern), Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), and Hammond (Richard Attenborough). With an animated jungle backdrop, and genuine movie clips, this slot succeeds in capturing the magic that made the movie so special for so many people and, with so many dinosaurs and 243 ways to win, you’re going to love the Jurassic Park slot (just watch out for T-Rex paying a visit – you’ll see what we mean!).

Another nineties classic that’s available as a video slot at EnergyCasino is Terminator 2. One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic roles, playing a Terminator sent back through time to protect John Connor – the future leader of the human resistance against the machines – from being assassinated by a T-1000 Terminator that the machines have sent back through time. So, we’re loving it that Microgaming have produced an official Terminator 2 slot! Featuring Arnie as the Terminator, Robert Patrick as the T-1000, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, Edward Furlong as John Connor, and clips from the movie, this slot will take you right back to the early 1990’s. Hasta la vista, baby.

OK, so strictly speaking, the two Tomb Raider slots from Microgaming, Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, are really based on the video games rather than the movies, but the Tomb Raider movie franchise was huge, so we figured we’d include them here. Like we said, they are more based on the original video games, and the graphics are more akin to the 90’s games than the movies, but Lara Croft still looks great! Similarly, the Hellboy slot, also from Microgaming, is based on the original comics, but as Hellboy was also made into movies starring Ron Perlman, in 2004 and 2008, we’ve really got to mention it here. With authentic inked effect graphics, and nice little animations, this game is definitely worth playing if you’re into dark comics.

If classic horror movies are more your cup of tea, you need to see the Frankenstein slot, from NetEnt. Created in association with Universal, and based on the original 1931 film, this often overlooked slot is a gem of movie magic! There’s a suitably creepy animated introduction that keeps true to the period style, and the symbols feature Dr. Frankenstein, the Monster, Fritz, the brain, and dastardly laboratory related devices. With nice sound effects to boot, this video slot is one of our favourites and gets a ten out of ten for period authenticity! Moving on to the 1950s and we’ve got another Universal – NetEnt monster movie slot in the form of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. With brilliantly 50’s style graphics, and symbols featuring the lovely Julia Adams, and dashing Richard Carlson and Richard Denning, as well as the iconic Gill-man monster.

There are plenty more movie themed slots available to play at EnergyCasino, including NetEnt’s Scarface – a slot based on the 1983 blockbuster starring Al Pacino. There’s feminine fun with the Universal – Microgaming Bridesmaids, animated adventures with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman in South Park and South Park Reel Chaos, and epic spacefaring sci-fi action with Battlestar Galactica. What which TV/movie franchise will be the next to venture into the world of video slots? Star Trek, the Big Bang Theory, or Breaking Bad? It’s anyone’s guess!

So, grab the popcorn and settle down for an evening of big screen gaming at EnergyCasino!

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