High Rolling Heist Down Under

14 October 2016

In 2013 Melbourne, Australia, was rocked by one of the biggest heists in casino history, when some bloody clever crooks managed to pilfer a whopping $32 million. Now, true, that’s Aussie Dollars, but it’d still enough to get a “struth” out of Rupert Murdoch!


Now this wasn’t some half-baked plan thought up over a couple of pints and a barbie. No, this was one seriously sophisticated scam that’s worthy of a George Clooney movie (starring in, not directing, God, please not directing.). Despite the Crown thoroughly checking all employees Facebook profiles, ensuring they had no overdue library books and making them pinky promise to be good, one of their VIP minders seems to have been led astray by a particularly cunning ‘high roller.’


By remotely hacking into the Crown’s ‘state-of-the-art’ security camera system, the clever crooks were able to get a bird’s eye view of everything going on at tables. With such an advantage and, to be fair, probably more than a bit of skill, they worked the tables for weeks – all the time whilst the player was staying in one of the casino’s most luxurious $30,000 per night suites. The pair cleaned up to the tune of $32 million, without anyone smelling a rat. Now, I’ m not condoning crime, but you have to give this pair some kudos for having the balls to do it!


What happened to the scammers? Well, apparently the casino “fired an employee” and “banned a gambler from the premises,” but didn’t really say much else (maybe they are still tied up in the boiler room?). The Victoria Police did confirm they were “involved in an investigation”, but also that they’d never received a “formal complaint” from the casino. To be honest being fired doesn’t seem that bad if you’re walking away with a decent share of $32 million! I guess that’s the murky, secretive world of real-life casinos for you, and I wonder how many former casino workers are currently chilling out on beaches in Thailand and Fiji?

Photo by Donaldytong / CC BY

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