15 October 2020

Out of the world’s 22 best League of Legends teams, only eight remain standing. Over the next four days, each of the top eight will have one more chance to power through to the semi-finals in the 2020 World Championship Playoffs. Every move counts; one misstep and the Summoner’s Cup is out of their grasp! 

Let’s see who got knocked out in the Group Stage and which teams solidified their place in the running for the champion’s crown. 


In Group A, Team Liquid fought valiantly, but their 3-3 (Win-Loss) record was not enough to trump EU’s G2 Esports and China’s Suning, who finished the run at 4-2. Machi Esports did not make the cut, leaving the competition with a score of 1-5. 

Group B’s DAMWON Gaming from Korea showed no mercy to their foes, sweeping the Rift with five wins and just one loss each. JD Gaming came in second at 4-2, leaving PSG Talon and Rogue trailing in the dust. 

League of Legends fans from all over the world locked their eyes on the matches in Group C, where some of the strongest LoL teams staked their claim at the title of World Champions. Gen.G and Fnatic stood their ground and wowed the crowds, finishing strong at 5-1 and 4-2, respectively. Like Team Liquid in Group A, LGD Gaming were cut loose at 3-3. North America’s favourites Team SoloMid topped the charts, but not in the way their fanbase hoped. TSM left the competition with an unprecedented, crushing loss streak of 0-6. Ouch!

In an interesting turn of events, teams in Group D finished with identical standings as Group C. China’s Top Esports and Korea’s DRX moved to the playoffs with scores of 5-1 and 4-2, while NA’s Flyquest were knocked out at 3-3. Arguably the best-named team around — Unicorns of Love — ended their impressive run with a demoralising score of 0-6, keeping TSM company in their anguish. 

Here is the final list of competitors for the World Championship Playoffs, sorted by region:

China: JD Gaming, Suning and Top Esports

Europe: Fnatic and G2 Esports.

Korea: DAMWON Gaming, DRX, and Gen.G Esports.


Representing only three regions in the World Championship Playoffs, the top eight teams knuckle down to take control of their lanes and push through to the semi-finals in four best-of-five matchups. 


  • Single elimination bracket. 
  • All matches are Bo5.
  • Winners of each match proceed to the semi-finals.

The World Championship Playoffs begin on Thursday, 15 October, with DAMWON Gaming up against compatriots DRX as the first Playoffs skirmish. The matches will run through 18 October, wrapping up the semi-finals qualifiers with Gen.G against G2 Esports. Each matchup begins at 12:00 CEST/BTS+1. 


Playoffs: 15-18 October.

Semi-finals: 24-25 October. 

Finals: 31 October.


Tune in and watch the League of Legends 2020 World Championship Playoffs online, streamed live on the League of Legends Esports platform. 

The tournament schedule, standings and vods are available on the LoL Esports platform. To check out the current matches, click WATCH. Past standings and skirmishes can be viewed through the VODS tab. 


This action-packed weekend kicks off with DAMWON Gaming, at 1/7 (1.14) to win, facing DRX (previously DragonX) at 47/10 (5.40) to fight back. 

The second brawl on Friday, 16 October, will see Suning Gaming at 6/5 (2.20) to crush JD Gaming, at 13/20 (1.65) to evade defeat. 

Top Esports will try their luck, at 1/8 (1.12) against Europe’s Fnatic on 17 October, who are at 5/1 (6.00) to level the enemy Nexus to the ground. 

The last Playoffs clash will be on 18 October, between Gen.G at 19/25 (1.76) to triumph and G2 Esports at 21/20 (2.05) to defend against the onslaught. 

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