3 April 2020

Whether you are a newcomer to the universe of esports or a seasoned veteran, you’ve probably come across one of the industry’s giants: League of Legends. Commonly referred to as League, or LoL, this strategy game is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed and published by Riot Games.

What is League of Legends?

Following the success of the fan-favourite Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III, League emerged in 2009 and soared to worldwide popularity in the blink of an eye. League of Legends streamers on Youtube and Twitch sprung forth with the explosive growth of the game, drawing in millions of views from every corner of the world. With over 100 million active players, multiple game modes, and record-breaking championships, League is instrumental in propelling video games from at-home entertainment to the global competitive stage. 

The matches take place on Summoner’s Rift, the main League of Legends map, where two teams of five embark on a strategic crusade to lay siege to the enemy team’s base. Players assume the role of one of 148 champions: unique League of Legends characters with special abilities and vital roles. There’s only one way to victory, and that’s to bring down the main structure of the opponent’s base: The Nexus.

The LoL World Championship 2020 is on the horizon and there’s a lot to learn, let’s take a look at the basics of how to play League of Legends!


The Rift is split into three lanes, separated by the jungle. The enemy territories and the jungle are veiled by the Fog of War, concealing approaching enemies and several of the game’s objectives. Players must work together to coordinate control of the map, siege of objectives, and tactical team fighting in order to breach the enemy defences. Victory is claimed by bringing down the main structure of the opponent’s base: the Nexus.


Top laners are the solo brawlers, they’re tough and they pack a punch! Champions contending for dominance of this lane excel at protecting objectives and bringing down the enemy team’s strongest players.


Champions in the mid lane are versatile and wreak havoc when it comes to damage output. They take on the lane alone, facing an equally threatening opponent. Mid lane is always bursting with action, from 1v1 skirmishes to full-on 5v5 team fights.


The bottom lane is reserved for the team’s unstoppable duo: the Attack Damage Carry (ADC) and Support. Much like the mid laners, ADCs can unleash terrifyingly high amounts of damage. Supports are versatile guardians of the game, armed with crowd control skills and defensive abilities, like healing: they protect their teammates and help set up brawls all across the Rift.


The shrouded jungle is not for the faint of heart! Junglers utilize the Fog of War to their advantage, to devise ambushes on unsuspecting laners or catch the enemy jungler off-guard. Junglers are also tasked with securing monster objectives like buffs, Drakes, and the bloodcurdling Baron Nashor.


The mechanics of gameplay require an inclination towards mathematics and incredible attentiveness to detail. All five members of the team have distinct roles to fill and must work together to gain control of the map. Players scout the map for intel, keep eyes on strategic locations, and work together to coordinate team fights.


The Nexus lies in the heart of each team’s base. It is protected by a series of defensive structures, like towers, and spawns your team’s minions: small combatant units that march down the lanes. Killing enemy minions awards gold and experience, which are vital in preparing the champions for the gruelling late-game team fights. There are only two outcomes to every League match: bring down the enemy Nexus, or surrender in defeat.


In the depths of the jungle rests the Drake pit, where the powerful dragonesque monster spawns. Killing a Drake awards unique buffs to the entire team and transforms the Rift in late-game, creating new obstacles and strategic advantages across the map.


Baron Nashor is the jungle’s most menacing monster. Defeating a beast of such calibre pays off: the team to land the last hit will enjoy a generous boost to damage, faster recall (to base), and empowered minions.

Before Baron spawns at the 20-minute mark, the stony pit is visited by the Rift Herald. Killing the Rift Herald also provides a faster recall and offers one player the ability to summon the Herald to advance on a lane.

League of Legends Betting

As sporting events around the globe come to a staggering halt, esports are uniquely situated to continue thriving: online. League of Legends reaches every corner of the world, establishing a competitive scene like no other that culminates in the annual World Championship. The final event of the year brings in over 100 million tuned-in viewers online, while tens of thousands of roaring fans fill stadiums worldwide.

No two matches are alike in a League of Legends tournament: every decision that players make can turn the tide! Every step is a calculated risk, one wrong move can change the course of the game and force the entire team to adapt and seek new opportunities to regain the advantage. As teams are gearing up for the upcoming matchups in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and North America’s Championship Series (LCS), tensions are on the rise – and so is the array of betting possibilities! 

At EnergyBet you can bet on the major LoL series and place your stake on a wide variety of wagers, from Match Winner to First Blood, First To Slay Baron, Total Kills and more!

In the next few articles, we will be taking a deeper look at tournament structure, upcoming LoL events, the contending teams, and where to bet on League of Legends at top-tier odds. League of Legends Season 10 is in full swing, tune in to EnergyBet to stay on top of the game: we’ll keep you updated on the League of Legends meta, betting odds, and the latest in LoL esports!

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