21 August 2020

Last week, we covered the explosive start to the LCS Summer Playoffs in North America; this week, we’re heading to Europe! EU’s 2020 LEC Summer Playoffs are just around the corner, with the first match set to kick off on Friday, 21 August. Europe’s top six teams will clash on the Rift in a bid for one of four World Championship qualifiers. Let’s see where we stand so far, and when you can expect you see your LEC favourites in action! 


In Europe, we saw the best of the best compete in a round-robin group stage, hoping to seize one of the seeds into the 2020 LEC Summer Playoffs. Out of 10 outstanding teams, six pushed through and showed us what they’re capable of.

This season, Rogue skyrocketed to the very top of the standings (ending at 13-5 W-L) and pushed MAD Lions Madrid (12-6) down to second place, both moving on to the playoffs in the winners’ bracket. Just below, G2 Esports finished strong in third place (11-7). Fnatic and SK Gaming tied at 9-9, but FNC’s Championship Points total bumped Mithy’s roster up to fourth and SK down to fifth. 

In sixth place (at least) we expected to see none other than Origen. Boy, were we in for a surprise! Just this Spring, Origen stormed the lanes and soared to third place (13-5). Unfortunately, everything went downhill from there. With defeat after defeat, we saw xPeke’s Origen sink through the ranks and leave the competition in tenth place (6-12). 

The sixth seed went to FC Schalke 04, who ended the season at 8-10. To say that the team had a rough start would be an understatement. The first matches of the Spring Split crushed their spirit in a streak of four losses, followed by Forg1ven’s departure and inevitable roster changes. It seems like it paid off though, as Schalke 04 confidently claimed sixth, and don’t look like they’re about to back down!

Excel Esports, Misfits Gaming and Team Vitality did not pull through and concluded the season in seventh, eighth and ninth places respectively. 


The LEC Summer Playoffs will span three rounds and conclude in the semi-finals and finals, anticipated to take place in early September. Unlike previous seasons, seeding is determined by the number of obtained Championship Points, awarded for performance during the Summer Season. 

  • All matches are best of five.
  • The top four teams play in the winners bracket, fifth clashes with sixth in the losers bracket.
  • Double elimination bracket, where the first seed picks between third and fourth seed in Round One. 
  • The loser with the lowest seed from the winners bracket will play in the losers bracket in Round Two.
  • The loser with the highest seed from winners’ bracket will play in the losers bracket in Round Three. 
  • Top four qualify for 2020 Season World Championship. 

Round One is going live on 21 August, with SK Gaming vs FC Schalke 04 as the first match of the playoffs. The winner of the match will sit in the losers bracket, awaiting the lower R1 seed of the weekend’s winners bracket skirmishes. 

As the first seed, Rogue opted to face Fnatic on Sunday, leaving MAD Lions to go up against the formidable G2 Esports on Saturday, 22 August. The losers will be sorted by seed ranking and will drop down to the losers bracket in R2 and R3. The winners, on the other hand, are on a highway straight to the semi-finals. 


Round One: 21-23 August.

Round Two: 28 August.

Round Three: 29 August. 

Semifinals: TBD, anticipated between 30 August and 5 September.

Finals: 6 September.


Tune in and watch the League of Legends LEC Summer Playoffs online, streamed live on the League of Legends Esports platform. 

The tournament schedule, standings and vods are available directly on the platform. To check out ongoing skirmishes, click WATCH. Past standings and concluded matches can be viewed through the VODS tab. 


FC Schalke 04 are favourites to win, at 4/9 (1.44), in their first Summer LEC Playoffs bout with SK Gaming, at 7/4 (2.75) to overwhelm their opponent. 

On Saturday, G2 Esports stand at 4/11 (1.36) to topple Mad Lions Madrid, who are at 21/10 (3.10) to roar in triumph. The second match in the winners bracket will see Rogue at 7/9 (1.78) to push through to the semi-finals, but they may have found a worthy adversary in Fnatic, who are at 34/33 (2.03) to prove their worth. 

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