Millwall win at home, EnergyBet guests win the raffle, perfect day really

18 December 2017

I just knew when I woke up on Saturday morning that it was going to be a good day. I’d like to say it was because the sun was shining, and the birds were singing, but let’s be realistic this is England and it’s December so that’s not going to happen. No, it was something else, an indefinable feeling that the day was going to pan out just the way I wanted it to.

I guess most football fans start their day with an air of indomitable optimism. We all want our team to win 3-0 every week. We all believe that the number nine is going to bang in a hat-trick and that the wife is still going to be pleased to see us when we arrive home shit-faced at four in the morning. It just never seems to happen that way though does it.

To be fair I am yet to witness Millwall lose at home this season, and even though we were playing another very good side in Middlesbrough, I still travelled down to the Den confident that the Lions wouldn’t do anything to affect my averages. They didn’t!

My day was made even more perfect by the fact that I was in the company of four gorgeous Energy Girls. Simona, Ariana, Jessica and Ina were helping me out in the hospitality suites, distributing free bets and winning smiles to Millwall fans. The Energy girls are frequent visitors to the Den this season so if you happen to see one of them where you are, don’t be afraid to ask them for a selfie and a free bet.

Ariana and Ina make one lucky Millwall fan’s day


Dinner was a fantastic pre-Christmas turkey dinner which I got to share with Twitter competition winners, Kevin and Emma and their guests. If there is one thing that they do well at the Den besides play scintillating football it is putting on a good feed. If you haven’t already experienced Millwall hospitality then you really should consider treating your family, your friends or your work colleagues when Millwall are playing at home. Better yet enter one of EnergyBet’s weekly Twitter competitions for the chance to meet me, some Millwall legends and maybe even one of the lovely EnergyGirls. Wouldn’t that be awesome!


EnergyBet guests win a Twitter competition, a FREE bet and the raffle


So yeah, another perfect day down at the Den. I got to see Millwall beat Middlesbrough 2-1 in the company of four amazing Millwall fans, some footballing legends and the beautiful EnergyGirls. Towards the end of the afternoon two of our guests won raffle prizes as well so the day was extra special for those guys.

If you want the chance to experience some match day hospitality for yourself head on over to the EnergyBet Twitter feed at and start following us now.

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