Now That’s How to Start the Month!

16 September 2016

Most of us look forward to the start of a new month because we’ve just had our wages paid, but it’s never enough is it. What would be great is to have a huge fat wad of cash just fall into our laps to see us through the month ahead in style, right?

That is exactly what happened to yet another one of EnergyCasino’s players! Yes, Jaroslav, from the Czech Republic started August by winning a total of €45,884. Now, that’s a lot of money, easily enough to buy a nice new car, put a deposit on a house, or go an insane holiday! It’s certainly going to make Jaroslav’s bank manager happy, that’s for sure!

When You’re on to a Good Thing

The problem with gaming is that sometimes, when you’re on a loosing streak you can just feel like quitting, and then when your luck does come up it can be tempting to ‘take the money and run’ immediately. But the cool professionals know that luck is a fickle, strange thing, and that winning streaks are also possible.

Jaroslav knew this, so when he won an impressive €23,687, playing Roaring Forties, on the 29th of July, he took stock of the situation and then came back to try his luck again, winning another €22,197 on the 1st August. Hats off to you Jaroslav, that takes some serious courage and nerve, but as we’ve seen, in this case it paid off handsomely

The Importance of Picking the Right Casino

EnergyCasino is all about the thrill of playing, and successful players, like Jaroslav and other huge winners, know that you’ve got to find the casino that ‘feels right’ to you. It’s only when you find the place that carries the kind of games you like, and that lets you play them in a safe and secure environment, that you can completely relax and enjoy the experience.

Though it’s totally unproven of course, there is a school of though that says that positive thinking does indeed deliver results, and we do know that the best way to stay positive is by enjoying yourself. That’s why EnergyCasino prides themselves on providing the best selection of games, an exciting programme of tournaments and promotions, a secure environment, all backed-up by world-class professionals.

It’s Not Just Players Who Win

When, as an affiliate, you’re looking for partners to work with, you want to choose the best. There’s no point in wasting your energy promoting a casino that promises the earth but doesn’t deliver. To find the best casinos, and hence ones that are worth your time, it’s important to keep one main point in mind; a casino has to first and foremost deliver an amazing experience for players. By promoting a casino that has a high player retention rate you are maximising the efficiency of your campaigns.

EnergyCasino is an operator that ticks all of the boxes. They offer a high quality core product in the shape of a casino carrying almost 400 slot games from the best developers including NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, Wazdan and Oryx, plus poker and live casino table games. Their player satisfaction is enviable, and this shows in their vibrant community of regulars.

Of course, it’s players like Jaroslav that get the spotlight, but in reality everyone wins at EnergyCasino; the players who get to enjoy the best gaming experience, whether they win individual games or not, and their affiliate partners who enjoy one of the most reliable and rewarding programs in the industry, safe in the knowledge that they’re working with a team that really delivers.

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