12 June 2020

CS:GO DreamHack Masters is coming to an explosive finale this weekend, with the Grand Finals due to take place on 14 June in Europe and North America.

While we wait for Friday’s Lower Bracket Finals results, let’s have a look at DreamHack Masters standings so far. 

With only four CS:GO teams competing in Oceania and Asia, the Grand Finals in these regions wrapped up on 7 June. In Oceania, fan-favourites Renegades crushed Avant Gaming 3-2, leaving ORDER trailing in third place and Chiefs Esports Club in fourth. In Asia, TYLOO triumphed over ViCi Gaming, banking $10,000 and 185 Tournament Circuit Points. Beyond Esports were defeated by ViCi in the Lower Bracket Finals, leaving Lucid Dream in the dust.  

Quick refresher! In 2019, DreamHack partnered with ESL to announce the ESL Pro Tour, a top-tier pro circuit linking over 20 DreamHack and ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events leading up to the two biggest Masters Championships of the year. All tournaments and leagues in the circuit connect through a ranking system, where teams earn points for their performance in any of the prerequisite CS:GO events. The teams will be seeded based on their point rankings, with the qualifying teams heading to IEM Katowice and ESL One: Cologne. The Cologne event will have a massive $1,000,000 prize purse up for grabs at the end of August 2020. 


The playoffs kicked off on 8 June, and G2 Esports left no doubts about their intent to secure the top prize of $54,000 and 400 Pro Tour points. G2 knocked Berlin International Gaming down to the Lower Bracket on 10 June, where BIG will face the victor of Friday’s match between Natus Vincere and Faze Clan in their last bid for the Grand Final against G2. Favourites Fnatic were knocked out of the running in Round two, losing to MAD Lions Madrid 1-2. 

The Grand Finals will take place on 14 June, in a best-of-five skirmish where G2 starts with one map advantage for dominating the upper bracket. The prize pool is $160,000. Let’s see if G2’s lineup has what it takes to continue on the road to Cologne!


G2 Esports, formerly known as Gamers2, is the name of a Spanish pro esports organisation currently based in Berlin, Germany. Founded by Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, G2 also squad up in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege. As the 2017 DreamHack Masters champions and victors of ESL One Season five and three, G2 are a formidable opponent for whoever emerges victorious on Friday.

kennyS — Kenny “kennyS” Shrub is a 25-year-old player from France. He started out playing Counter-Strike: Source and competed for Team EnVyUs before joining G2. Kenny is regarded as one of the quickest and most skilled AWPers, taking his high-risk, high-reward Magnum plays to the next level every match. 

JaCkz — 27-year-old Audric “JaCkz” Jug joined G2 in 2018, shortly after dropping 3DMAX.

AmaNEk — François “AmaNEk” is another French player, 26, who left Team LDLC in favour of G2 last year. 

nexa — Nemanja “nexa” Isaković is G2’s 24-year-old in-game leader from Serbia. Played for CR4ZY before joining G2 in 2019.

huNter- Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač switched to G2 with nexa, both playing for CR4ZY before joining FURIA. The 24-year-old Bosnian-Serb plays as a rifler. 

The team is guided by Damien “maLeK” Marcel — 34-year-old professional coach from France. Previously coached 3DMAX, Team Envy, and Owly Six. 


With a smaller lineup in NA, the playoffs went live on 11 June and will conclude on 14 June. The Grand Final will follow the same format as in Europe: best-of-five with one map advantage to the team leading from the upper bracket. Six teams are still in the running for the 1st-place prize of $40,000 and 320 Pro Tour Points. In the upper bracket, Brazilians FURIA Esports trampled 100 Thieves 2-1 on 11 June, comfortably progressing to Sunday’s Grand Final. Thieves are moving down to the lower bracket, where they will go head to head with the victors of Round two.

Team Liquid go up against Gen.G Esports on Friday afternoon, while MIBR try their luck against ESL Pro League Season four winners Cloud9. The lower bracket finalists are still up in the air, meanwhile, let’s meet FURIA!


Founded in 2017 by Jaime “raizen” Pádua, FURIA Esports took the crown in the Spring 2020 BLAST Premier and have consistently placed in the top four in every major event since April 2019. Teams will not be taking the threat of the Brazilian newcomers lightly! 

 yuurih — Yuri “yuurih” Santos is a professional CS:GO player. Active on the competitive scene since 2016, the 20-year-old previously competed for Virtue Gaming and INTZ eSports. 

arT — Andrei “arT” Piovezan switched from INTZ eSports to FURIA in 2018. The 24-year-old is FURIA’s in-game leader. 

VINI — At 21, Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo is a rifler on FURIA, active since 2014, who previously played for Pichau, T Show, and Furia Academy. 

KSCERATO — Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato started out playing Counter-Strike 1.6 as a rifler. Before joining FURIA Esports, KSCERATO ran with Dai Dai Gaming and Furia Academy. 

HEN1 — 24-year-old AWPer, Henrique “HEN1” Teles, joined Counter-Strike team sixty9 back in 2011, before switching to CS:GO with KaBuM! e-Sports in 2014. Teles joined FURIA in September 2019, weeks after dropping Luminosity (currently inactive). 

Nicholas “guerri” Nogueira, 30, is currently coaching FURIA Esports after retiring as team lead in 2018. Nogueira started his career in 2006 when he played competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 with 


Now that we have two of the grand finalists gearing up for combat, you may be wondering where to watch the upcoming DreamHack Masters Grand Finals. 

Both events will be streamed live via the DreamHackCS Twitch channel. The CS:GO live streams will be available in English, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Swedish. You don’t need to register an account to tune-in to live matches; all official CS:GO Twitch streams are available to the public. Alternatively, follow CS:GO streamers on Youtube, Twitch, or Mixer.

To stay on top of the standings, upcoming CS:GO matches, and international Twitch streams, head on to the DreamHack Masters Survival Guide. Check it out, you may stand to win prizes from CORSAIR, Monster Energy, Intel®, and exclusive DreamHack merch! 


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