1 October 2020

Watch out! Our favourite blobby extraterrestrials are making a comeback in Reactoonz 2, Play’n GO’s latest extraterrific grid slot. As a successor to the ever-popular Reactoonz, the Reactoonz 2 slot is packing an energised punch of new features on top of what we loved most about the original: an abundance of explosive Wilds and stellar cluster wins!  


Overall, Reactoonz 2 gameplay stays faithful to its predecessor. You’ll find familiar alien symbols, cascading reels and charging mechanics. This time around, the Reactoonz 2 slot features TWO awesome charge meters: the Fluctometer and the Quantumeter. The meters work in tandem to harness as much energy as possible to unleash a massive blast of Wilds, culminating in the release of the one-and-only, colossal Gargantoon. Let’s have a look at what shenanigans these googly-eyed aliens are up to, and what other changes you’ll encounter in Reactoonz 2. 


Reactoonz 2 is a 7×7 grid slot with eight colourful symbols, cascading reels and a max win of 5,083x the wager. Wins are achieved for clusters of five or more matching symbols, which must touch vertically or horizontally. There are two types of symbols in Reactoonz 2: one-eyed and two-eyed alien blobs. Two-eyed aliens are, for glaringly obvious reasons, vastly superior to their one-eyed counterparts and offer significantly higher payouts. On top of piles and piles of aliens, there are plenty of Wilds to go around and help you boost those wins. Let’s have an in-depth look into outer space and at the game’s features, there’s a lot to unpack! 


Cascading Reels — every winning cluster of symbols will be replaced with new symbols, for an extra chance to create more winning reactions. 

Fluctuating Symbols — at the start of every spin, a random one-eyed alien is selected as the Fluctuating symbol (displayed in the top-right corner). Winning clusters of Fluctuating symbols will charge the Fluctometer. If Fluctuating symbols win, an Electric Wild will appear on any spot where symbols were removed. 

Fluctometer — the Fluctometer holds 11 charges and randomly creates one, two or three Electric Wilds when filled. The Fluctometer is rechargeable, will fill up as long as winning clusters of Fluctuating symbols appear and resets on a losing spin. 

Quantumeter — is charged with Electric Wilds. Partially filling the meter will unleash Energoon Wilds and a full charge unleashes the Gargantoon Wild. Non-Wild symbols removed by an Electric Wild will also charge the Quantumeter. 

The Quantumeter has four levels and holds up to a total of 135 charges. Collect 55 charges for level one, 85 for level two, 110 for level three and all 135 for level four. If the Quantumeter does not reach level three, it drops Energoon Wilds onto the grid. If the Quantumeter reaches level three, it will unchain the gargantuan Gargantoon Wild. Releasing the Gargantoon disables both meters, and no additional charges can be gained. 

Electric Wilds — substitutes for all other symbols and can be created by winning with Fluctuating symbols, filling the Fluctometer or charging Uncharged Wilds. Electric Wilds zap other symbols on the grid, triggering massive cascades. 

Uncharged Wilds — can randomly appear on any cascade. They do not form wins but can be transformed into Electric Wilds when horizontally or vertically adjacent to winning symbols, or when the Wild Pair Explosion feature triggers. 

Energoon Wilds — Energoon Wilds substitute for all other symbols and can only appear if the Quantumeter reaches levels one and two. Level one creates four 1×1 Energoons at the cost of 55 charges, and level two will unleash one 2×2 Energoon at the cost of 30 charges. The Quantumeter will continue to charge after Energoon Wilds have been released. 

Gargantoon Wilds — substitute for all other symbols and can only appear when the Quantumeter surpasses level three. Reaching this level will shoot out a monstrous 3×3 Gargantoon Wild, which breaks down into smaller Gargantoons on winning cascades. The first win will splice it into two 2×2 Gargantoons, and the next winning cluster will shatter them into nine 1×1 Gargantoons. 

Quantumeter Multiplier — reaching level four on the Quantumeter is what you’re looking for if you’re in it to win it. This level will add a 2x multiplier for all wins that include Gargantuan Wilds, but only a single 2x multiplier is used for each winning cluster. 

Wild Pair Explosion — activates when other bonus features conclude and there are two or more Electric Wilds remaining on the grid. If there are two adjacent Electric Wilds, all other symbols except the Wilds are removed. If there are non-adjacent Electric Wilds, symbols in between them and those surrounding the Wilds will disappear.


Phew! The aliens are definitely over prepared for world domination. If you can wrap your head around all the features — perhaps you have what it takes to harness their precious energy. At first glance, the wide-eyed outsiders seem to have made it extra challenging to charge the meters this time around. Fortunately, it is just a masterfully crafted illusion! Once you get a chain reaction to pop off, the meters will fill up in the blink of an eye (or two). All in all, we love Reactoonz 2 — Play’n GO continue to amaze us with innovative features, engaging gameplay and polished visuals. 

Head over to EnergyCasino and let’s get on with sorting extraterrestrial life forms in Reactoonz 2!

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