26 June 2020

The infamous Emperor of Evil, M. Bison, is stirring trouble once again in the hottest slot at EnergyCasino right now! Do you have what it takes to bring down the covert syndicate Shadaloo? It’s time to head back to the ‘90s, as the Street Fighter 2 slot enters for fist-pumping action! 

Developed by NetEnt, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™ is a homage to the timeless arcade classic: Street Fighter II. Fresh for June 2020, the Street Fighter II™ slot is hadouken’ing it’s way straight to EnergyCasino, and we love the super combo of casino gameplay and nostalgic 1991 mechanics. If brick-and-mortar slots and fruit machines are not your cup of tea, have a sip of NetEnt’s Street Fighter II™ for a bash of POW and a kick of WOW!


Based on one of the best fighting games of all time, the Street Fighter 2 slot brings back eight of your favourite characters to dominate their opponent and restore order in the world. M.Bison sent forth his Shadaloo henchmen to wreak havoc in the shadows of the law – to stop him, you must prove your worth amongst eight relentless warriors. In the main game, your objective is to strike fear into the competition and bring your opponent’s health points (HP) down to zero. Claim the crown and you will face the first of four mighty bosses with equally mighty multipliers. Every triumphant victory unlocks the door to the next boss fight, where you’ll find an increased multiplier and the chance to move one step closer to defeating M. Bison. 


Your first step in this Street Fighter 2 slot is selecting a character to play. Pay close attention, as each character has a unique ability, a Wild Combo, which can be used to your advantage. The characters make up two distinct groups based on the frequency of wins: those who hit often, and those who hit hard.


Dhalsim, from India, places three or four Wild symbols randomly.

Japan’s E. Honda, who drops three Wilds on the same reel.

Ryu, the mighty Japanese champion, will leave three Wilds on the same row.

Guile represents the USA and will place two vertical stacks of two Wilds. 


USSR’s terrifying Zangief will smash in two horizontal stacks of two Wilds.

Chun Li, China’s sweetheart, will place two to seven Wilds randomly. 

Brazilian Blanka will leave one to five Wilds on the same reel.

Fan-favourite American, Ken, will also drop one to five Wilds, but unlike Blanka, they will land on the same row. 

During the main game and in Beat The Boss Free Spins, your character will have a Wild Gauge meter above them, ready to be charged. The meter will fill up by one point for each high-value symbol in a winning combo. When you can no longer trigger wins and have at least seven charges on the Wild Gauge, your characters will execute their Wild Combo feature and place Wild symbols onto the reels. If the Wild Gauge does not have enough charges to activate a Wild Combo, the meter will reset. 


Each battle will end when one of the characters runs out of health points, just like in the real game. You cannot change your character before the winner of a match is determined. To damage your opponent, you must land on a winning combination that includes your Victory or Defeat symbols. If your opponent lands on Victory and Defeat combos of their character, you will receive damage. The decrease of HP is equal to the number of Victory or Defeat symbols in the combo. No other character symbols will appear on the reels, only yours, your opponent’s, and the familiar royals. 


Reduce your opponent’s HP to zero to activate the Beat The Boss Free Spins feature. In Street Fighter 2’s Free Spins bonus, you will progress through four boss stages (yes, all entirely free!) and make your way to the final fight with M. Bison.  First up is USA’s Balrog with a 2X multiplier, then Spain’s Vega at 3X, Sagat from Thailand at 5X, and finally M. Bison with a massive multiplier of 10X. 

Beat The Boss Free Spins will last for an indefinite number of spins until you lose or emerge victorious. If you finish undefeated, you will be rewarded with the ultimate World Championship prize purse of 100X of your bet!


If you lose during the Free Spins bonus, you may get the chance to restart the current level by using the Insert Coin Street Fighter II gamble feature. Sacrifice a portion of your winnings to have another go at the Shadaloo warlords! This feature is not available in all casinos and can only be used once per game. 


Should you lose to your opponent in the main game, you will unlock an interactive mini-game, Car Smash, where you can bash and smash just like in the original Street Fighter II bonus level! Control your character using the on-screen panel or your keyboard hotkeys. Destroying the vehicle will end the bonus game and award a random win of 5X to 15X of your wager. 

Head over to EnergyCasino and load up Street Fighter II™, we’ll get you up and ready to K.O! And keep up to date with all news and info for sports and esports around the globe at EnergyBetWorld.

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