Teague Talks About the Orient’s Future [video]

27 July 2017

As their first Vanarama National League match against Sutton approaches, EnergyBet caught up with Leyton Orient’s new Vice-Chairman and Principal Investor, Kent Teague.

Teague, the Texan business man who helped rescue the club, displayed his usual ‘can do’ attitude, and seems to be positively brimming with energy and enthusiasm regarding the future of the O’s. When asked if he’d enjoyed his first few weeks with Orient, he replied “absolutely, it’s been so much fun, a fantastic time, and the best part about it has been the fans – the fan interaction is the best part, no doubt.”

Echoing the sentiments of several other new Orient figures, when he was asked if getting involved with Leyton Orient was an easy decision, he said it was a “very easy decision”, explaining that he may be American, but soccer… cough, cough, football, is nothing new to him, as he’d been following it since he helped coach his daughters when they were little. Teague’s enthusiasm for football being a family game clearly came across, and will be very welcome to many Orient fans, who have long seen matches as a real family event.

Though Teague clearly appreciates the grassroots aspect of both the Club and the sport in general, his appreciation and grasp of the importance of commercial sponsors will go a long way to reassuring fans that the O’s are in safe hands financially this season. When asked about the new Leyton Orient FC kit, featuring main sponsor EnergyBet’s logo, Teague emphasised that he loved it and the main thing he wanted was for the O’s fans to wear it with pride.

Whilst some fans might be unsure about Teague’s typically American upbeat demeanour, it may well be exactly what the club needs at this pivotal moment in its long history.


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