The 2018 EnergyGirls Calendar is GO!

8 November 2017

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Yes, the 2018 EnergyGirls Calendar is now available in the EnergyShop! Featuring drop dead gorgeous EnergyGirls and gas guzzling muscle cars, all with a retro 80’s synthwave vibe – it’s our hottest calendar yet!

Get ready to travel back to a simple, sexier time, when Knight Rider, Airwolf and the A-Team dominated the airwaves, we knew who the ‘bad guys’ were, and anything that got 20 miles per gallon was classed as fuel efficient (well, OK, we’re not going all the way back, because, let’s face it, the 80’s had some things we’d rather forget too – anyone remember Moon Boots and shoulder pads?)!

So, start your V8 and put the pedal to the metal, because it’s time for the EnergyGirls to cavort over a yellow Corvette, a red Camaro, and a black Firebird! With liberal doses of that oh so 80’s neon glow, plenty of smoke and outfits to make the eyes water, we’re sure you’re going to find the 2018 EnergyGirls Calendar hard to put down!

And, don’t forget, assuming you can force your eyes to focus on something other than the girls, the calendar comes with a total of €1,500 worth of exclusive EnergyCasino bonuses! To make sure you can take full advantage of every months’ bonus, make sure you have your calendar by January!

Get yours now, exclusively in the EnergyShop!


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