Too Clever & Too Naughty

14 June 2017

Though casinos often benefit from the publicity of high-profile celebrity clientele, there are some big names they would rather keep out. The reasons are as different as the celebrities, as you’ll see.

Too Clever

First off, and quite understandably, casinos aren’t keen on British illusionist Derren Brown. Anyone who’s seen any of his incredible mind-bending TV or stage shows will understand why. Derren’s tricks are so slick and sophisticated that you could be forgiven for believing him to be a magician. Of course, Derren himself always stresses they are mere illusions, and often carefully explains each trick afterwards. Still, his prowess with a deck of cards has casinos spooked, and according to reports, he finds it almost impossible to get into any gambling establishment. Judging by Derren Brown’s casino experiences, we’d also hazard a guess that Steven Frayne, better known as ‘Dynamo’, would be ‘politely asked to leave’ casinos too – his insane tricks and illusions being every bit as impressive, if not more so, than Derren’s.

Derren Brown cheats a casino

Derren Brown turns someone into a poker genius in a week

Dynamo stuns at a casino

Too Naughty

Of course, casinos don’t just ban celebrities for outsmarting them, nope, there’s also a list of celebs who aren’t welcome simply because they are too much trouble.

Take, for example, former Philadelphia shooting guard, Allen Iverson. Despite being a highly-respected NBA player, his bad boy antics off court have led to a bunch of run-ins with the law, and especially with casinos! Apparently, he’s currently banned from pretty much every single gambling venue in Detroit, because he has a tendency to chuck chips at dealers, let rip into other players, has a potty mouth and wouldn’t return $10k of overpaid chips. Very classy Allen, very classy.

Talking of naughty boys, One Direction, the cheesy British boy band, have also been escorted out of a casino in Las Vegas, but perhaps their offence was more forgivable. They had, apparently forgotten about the higher legal gambling age in Nevada compared with their native England, and being under 21 were technically breaking the law. Tut tut boys.

Rap star Lil’ Wayne is, apparently, banned from the Wynn Casino in Vegas, though the exact reasons are unclear. But, when you consider he’s also banned from drinking alcohol in the neighbouring state of Arizona, we think we’ve got a fair idea it may be drink-related!

But, it’s hats off to the ever-entertaining Paris Hilton, for getting chucked out of a casino owned by the group that carries her own name! Yes, Paris got banned from a Hilton group casino for losing a £175,000 Bentley in a poker game. Worse still, it’s not the first time she’s been barred from casinos! I mean, doesn’t she have anything better to do with her time than cause trouble in casinos? Oh, hang on a minute…

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