We’re Calling Chelsea Premier League Champs

9 May 2017

At EnergyBet, we spend each day weighing up the odds covering every possible outcome for all kinds of sports but, sometimes, we like to take a punt ourselves and go out on a limb. And, that’s exactly what we’re doing for the English Premier League! We’re the very first sportsbook to call Chelsea FC as Premier League champions!

We’re putting our money where our mouth is and going with Chelsea FC as Premier League Champions. Yeah, we know it’s not the 21st May yet, but we’re feeling confident, and had a few drinks when we decided on this promo. So, we’ve closed the bets on Chelsea and are paying out to those of you who had already bet on them!

Obviously, since Tottenham suffered a defeat to West Ham on Friday, things are looking very, very good for Conte’s team, and they only need six points or two wins, to seal the deal no matter what Spurs manage to pull off. But, the fun isn’t over just yet, because it is still mathematically possible for Tottenham to take the title on the final day (it’s even theoretically possible that the two top teams could face a playoff – if points, goal difference, and goals scored were all equal – though it is extremely unlikely given Spurs goal difference).

But, the point is, that the show isn’t over just yet, and we’re still taking bets on Spurs! The question is; are you feeling lucky? If you’ve already bet on Chelsea, then you’ve already won, so why not live on the edge and take a punt on Spurs too?! Things could get very interesting!


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