3 April 2020

The booming billion-dollar electronic sports industry is proving to be a revolutionary rival to the traditional sports market. In short, esports is competitive gaming, and we’re here to keep you in the know on the latest events, betting odds, and upcoming tournaments. Whatever your interests, there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy and we’ll be exploring everything from Formula 1 to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Esports growing popularity

For some perspective on just how popular esports are, let’s take a look at some numbers.

In 2018, the League of Legends World Championship Finals reeled in 100 million viewers, decimating the 17.6 million who tuned in to view the NBA Finals and falling just short of the 103 million 2018 Super Bowl spectators. And it’s not just in terms of spectators that esports rival traditional sports. There are some pretty big prizes on offer too!

In August 2019, the EU team OG won the Dota 2 International, with each player banking $3.1 million of the top prize of $15.6 million. The same year, Tiger Woods took home $2 million in the Masters, and Novak Djokovic left Wimbledon with $2.9 million.

The similarities with traditional sports don’t end there. Just like football, basketball, or tennis, esports has well-supported teams, stars who’ve dedicated countless hours of practice, important championships, and millions of passionate fans worldwide.

The unprecedented growth of esports goes hand in hand with the meteoric rise of the video game industry. With dozens of titles released each year, the competitive scene of esports never runs dry. Even newcomer Fortnite made an explosive entrance to the international arena, with 250 million players and a $100 million World Cup prize pool.

What’s in store in esports?

Here’s a look at some of the major events coming up. With events taking place across the globe, across a variety of games, it can be hard to keep track. So, let’s take a look at the latest global hit and the esports competitions that are getting to crunch time.

F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix series

Until F1 returns to the tarmac, F1 Grand Prix will be replaced with esports racing events on the F1 2019 PC game. Real F1 drivers of past and present, will be joined by celebrities around the world for some wheel-to-wheel action on the Virtual Grand Prix tracks. The next event takes place on the Melbourne GP track on April 5th. You can read our review of the inaugural event, the Bahrain Virtual Grand Prix here.

League of Legends

The first split of the League Champions Korea kicked-off on April 1st, with ten teams competing in the 9th season of the top-level Korean pro league. The reigning champions, Griffin, will face last year’s second-place winner T1 on the 3rd, possibly paving the way for an unforgettable rematch in the finals.

The Tencent LoL Pro League runs from early January until May 1st. The top eight teams will progress to the playoffs, so April is poised for action. Last years victors, FunPlus Phoenix, face worthy contenders Topsports Gaming, while second place winners Invictus are set up to crush Victory Five.

With EnergyBet, you can wager on your favourite LoL team, go straight for the Match Winner or back them up with bets on First Team to Slay Baron and Most Kills. Check back for more guides on how to bet on League of Legends and LoL betting tips.

Defence of the Ancients 2

The first week of April is packed with action in the Chinese Pro League’s second season. Last year’s third-place Invictus Gaming kick-off the week with a rematch against EHOME, and VG are going strong to stake their claim at PSG.LGD’s crown. The much-anticipated ESL One Birmingham showdown has been moved entirely online. Meanwhile, you can place your bets on ESL One Los Angeles, with options to wager on the victor, Game Duration, First to 15/20 Kills, Total Kills, and more.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The 11th season of the EU and NA Pro Leagues are wrapping up on April 12th. This week we’ll see Team Liquid take on Evil Geniuses in NA and EU’s mousesports face G2 in a last attempt to defend their title. Tune in to the streamed events and explore betting options on the Match Winner, Maps Total, or Rounds Handicap.

Esports at EnergyBet

The Spring Season is in full swing, and at EnergyBet we aim to have you have covered when it comes to betting on esports. We’ll continue to publish useful guides that offer in-depth explanations of the major esports, starting with League of Legends. We’ll also be posting betting previews for all the upcoming major events. So, stay tuned and enjoy all the exciting esports action that’s coming up!

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