big winner

Who Needs a Genie when You’ve Won €50K?

16st Jun 2017

Here at EnergyCasino, we’ve just witnessed another incredible life changing win! Yes, on the 13th June one of our lucky slot players rubbed the Golden Lamp and, instead of a genie appearing, almost €50,000 materialised! So, how did this tale of good fortune unfold? Well, it was all down to a maximum stake of just […]

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Loose Change to $11.8 Million in Seconds

16st Aug 2017

Let’s face it, these days it can be difficult to make your money grow; bank interest rates are almost nothing, the stock market is risky, forex trading is notoriously difficult, and Bitcoin can be mind-boggling for the uninitiated. But, one California man recently found a pretty good way of making his money grow very quickly […]

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Winning on the way Home

22st Aug 2017

These days getting through airports can be a, well, let’s say ‘less than pleasurable’ experience – with long security lines, tense atmospheres and delayed flights. But, for one Californian woman, her airport experience became the highlight of her trip. On Tuesday 15th August this year, a certain ‘Sandra A.’ won an incredible $1.6 million jackpot […]

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